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The Immortal After Dark Series by Kresley Cole: Book 1

30 Apr

I feel like talking about this book after contemplating what should I write about for today. Well, I’ve got a lot of subjects, but since I’m re-reading the book again today, so why not just discuss about it right? So here is, my favourite fantasy-romance-action-paranormal series, The Immortal After Dark by Kresley Cole. Currently there are six books in this series, with the 7th book coming out soon according to Ms. Cole’s website (Go visit the website someday, its a cool one around)

The first story was included in the anthology ‘Playing Easy to Get’ with another two stories by two other writers, i.e. Sherrilyn Kenyon and Jaid Black. I do like the other stories in this anthology book but I am going to focus on Kresley Cole’s piece in this post. Well, in case you are wondering, here is the cover of the book. (Sexy isn’t it?)

Playing Easy to Get

As much as I love the series, (since I’m a sucker for romance myself) I wouldn’t recommended this to readers aged 15 and below. Why? Well, I guess it’s pretty obvious just by looking at the cover of this book. Of course it does included a lot more than (ahem~) steamy scenes, but they were indeed there. And those scenes are more suitable for adults in my humble opinion. (If you think you are an adult enough at 14, feel free to read the book then. ^^) 

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30 Apr

Testing one two three…

Hello people out there!

What am I doing? Gah~ dang it…

It’s my first time doing this blogging thing. I know the possibility of people clicking this new blog is like 0.1, but who cares… ^^

I think I need someplace to rant on and on without being caught spamming, like in forums or such. Yes, in case you are wondering, (yes you!) I am a very active forumer. Heheh. Not that I don’t have anything good to do, but oh well, I’ve got a LOT of time in hand. (talk about being sarcastic.)

Well… since this is my first post, pop a Ribena and have a toast! Long live Faraway! ^^