The Immortal After Dark Series by Kresley Cole: Book 1

30 Apr

I feel like talking about this book after contemplating what should I write about for today. Well, I’ve got a lot of subjects, but since I’m re-reading the book again today, so why not just discuss about it right? So here is, my favourite fantasy-romance-action-paranormal series, The Immortal After Dark by Kresley Cole. Currently there are six books in this series, with the 7th book coming out soon according to Ms. Cole’s website (Go visit the website someday, its a cool one around)

The first story was included in the anthology ‘Playing Easy to Get’ with another two stories by two other writers, i.e. Sherrilyn Kenyon and Jaid Black. I do like the other stories in this anthology book but I am going to focus on Kresley Cole’s piece in this post. Well, in case you are wondering, here is the cover of the book. (Sexy isn’t it?)

Playing Easy to Get

As much as I love the series, (since I’m a sucker for romance myself) I wouldn’t recommended this to readers aged 15 and below. Why? Well, I guess it’s pretty obvious just by looking at the cover of this book. Of course it does included a lot more than (ahem~) steamy scenes, but they were indeed there. And those scenes are more suitable for adults in my humble opinion. (If you think you are an adult enough at 14, feel free to read the book then. ^^) 

Move on to the short story which I believe was called ‘The Warlord Wants Forever’, it served as the introducing chapter for The Immortal After Dark series. It’s short, simple, intriguing, and left you wanting for more. (Well, that’s the case for me) I can’t really remember how I stumbled into this series in the first place, but to be honest after reading this short story I became a fan. Paranormal stuff can be gross at times, but this one really captured my attention.

The story opened up with the origin of a Valkyrie, which was depicted beautifully by the author. (Read the book if you wanted to know more) Then the hero was introduced, in a very manly manner i.e. he was fighting for his life in a castle (or should I say a dungeon, since he can’t take his eyes off from a prisoner behind the bars, who coincidentally was the heroin. What a lovely surprise. ^^).

He was Nikolai Wroth, a vampire alleged to the Forbearers army of the Lore and she was Myst the Coveted One, a Valkyrie, beautiful but deadly maiden warrior. (I know there’s a lot of ‘terms’ used in this book, but I’ll explain those later)

So with that their path crossed, and Wroth freed her from the prison to get out some information about the Horde (since they attacked the Horde castle, but its inhabitants fled by tracing, or teleporting since they were vampires as well. Only they were enemies of the Forbearers). He was deeply attracted to her, well, its safe to say he was head-over-heel over her and later he recognised that she was his bride, who will blood him to life. But then, after a while of er… sexual encounters and living together other Valkyries came to her rescue, snatching his bride away from him, which his own bride had gladly fled from him without a wink of her eyes. Especially because the Vampires and the Valkyries were mortal enemies.

Anyway, five years later, Wroth went for a hunt for his Bride, and finally found her in New Orleans. And then, well… those sort of things, I-don’t-want-you-but-I-want-you arguments, miscommunications, and stuffs that we usually see in drama or movies which tore a couple apart like conflicts, etc, etc. And then, when all the conflicts settled, they lived happily ever after. Or not? You have to find it out yourself then! ^^ And I should say the way Ms. Cole potrayed Nikolai was VERY VERY SEXY. (fans self… XD)

While typing this, I am very aware that I am not a very good reviewer. I don’t want to give the plot away, at the same time feeling a bit lost on what should I write. LOL. Overall it’s a nice story, its something new and the details were great that you can’t help to wonder had all these creatures lived? And a moment later, you’ll be, ‘Ah, silly. There’s no such thing.’

I’ll write about other books in this series as well, but maybe I’ll do that next time. Until then~


3 Responses to “The Immortal After Dark Series by Kresley Cole: Book 1”

  1. Denise August 23, 2009 at 7:59 pm #

    I have read all the books twice now and enjoyed them all (I am a sci fi fantasy freak). Ms Cole has a very smooth way of writing, I like the humour and of course the sex scenes do get you thinking. You want to know what happens to these characters and care about them, the fact that she has invented a new world for us to explore is exciting and I can’t wait for other stories to come.

  2. giti September 15, 2009 at 5:37 pm #

    give me hyun bins email

  3. Patrcia February 11, 2010 at 3:15 am #

    Hey I like kresley cole’s book too! Specially A hunger like no other!!!! I got stuck with the couple of emma and lachlain… However, does anyone know if there’s a fanfic of the story or a site where someone writes them.. I want to keep reading .. may be an alternate ending or a “sequel”….

    The only bad thing about the book is .. it’s too short.. I did not want to end.. I devoured it in less than two days… 😦

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