In Denial: YG Entertainment and V.I.Ps

2 May

I’m finished with my presentation, and I’m back with a slightly better mood and a hungry stomach. (Stop grumbling! XD)

The day wasn’t really over in Korea but YG Entertainment was sure FAST! They denied the rumours of TOP, a member of Big Bang and Shim Min Ah dating, opposed to the allegation made by the media, i.e. Sports Seoul. Shin Min Ah’s management agency had denied the rumours as well, but what’s buggering me was that it’s their MANAGEMENT agencies who denied the rumours, not them themselves. As a fellow WonderBang family, chae_gyeong 01 in WonderBang thread in Soompi said, I do agree YG’s statement was a bit fishy. Quoting from Coolsmurf’s Domain again,

YG Entertainment said in an interview with SPN Edaily, “Big Bang has been busy with their activities, thus this scandal is bordering on the ridiculous. Although we still need to verify this but I can assure you that nothing of this is true.”

Note the bolded part, so they STILL need to verify the issue from TOP? Aigooo~ isn’t it just, FISHY?

Even V.I.Ps was so shocked because of the news. Well, I think it was safe to say the first time you read the news you’ll be like, ‘What? Can’t be!’ and then as you scrolled down the pages, ‘Oh my God, is this true?’ and when you scrolled down further to see the pics, you’ll just exclaim to yourself, ‘I can’t BELIEVE this!’

That’s the case with me… :sigh:

I thought I might as well congratulate TOP for finding a special one in his life, but I really doesn’t have the heart to do so. LOL. Maybe in next post. Or next. Or next. We’ll see to that.


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