Andy and Solbi Love Story: Part 1

3 May

Today’s Saturday. But I am stranded in my room, doing work. So, for the sake of taking a break I decided to write about my favourite couple from ‘We Got Married’, Andy and Solbi.

I labelled this post as Part 1 since I’m going to write on their first ‘encounter’ or ‘meeting’ as a newly wed couple in ‘We Got Married.’ In case anyone was wondering, I think they met each other a long time ago, and I don’t know exactly to point it out. But this I can say this for certain, they appeared in the same X-Man (new format) show in episode 15, 16, 20, 21 and 22, and all of these took place in first half of 2007.

Back to Andy and Solbi first episode in ‘We Got Married’. I reckoned that they were a bit awkward with each other at first. I mean, who wouldn’t unless they were only acting in a drama (note that Andy is an actor, be it Banjun drama or his appearance in ‘Lovers In Praha’).

Their mission for the day is to move to their respective house on 14th of March, which is apparently White Day where it is the day for the guys turn to give out chocolate/present to the girls (because 14th February is solely for girls giving out the chocolates for guys). Solbi asked for candies from Andy but he seemed a bit lost for a while, asking why and is 14th is White Day. I was cracking up a bit when Solbi suddenly commented Andy was getting old (because he doesn’t know White Day), and his expression was priceless!

Andy Solbi

They then proceed to their apartment which was on the 15th floor somewhere around Mokdong, Seoul (go stalk if you are in Seoul! ^^) Solbi was asking to be carried to 15th floor, which was of course a ridiculous wish, so they settled for a ride in the elevator. Andy asked if Solbi’s dream guy was him, but she replied it was Eric! Haha~ he immediately took his hands away from Solbi then, it was cute and funny at the same time. As they arrived home, there were a lot of stuff inside, it really feels like they were moving in. There was even sofa’s, curtains and clothes. During Andy’s interview, he admitted he was worried since husband should not be a passive one and took initiatives. But Solbi was impressive, he admitted.

They moved the sofa’s around and Solbi was asking if Andy can get any help from his members, which Andy declined subtly with hillarious comments like ‘Eric has a bad back’, ‘Min Woo was busy’, and ‘If they know we were married, they will rush over and kill me’. Then came Solbi interview, where she admitted although she mentioned Eric name a lot, she likes Andy the most out of Shinhwa, and she was doing that solely to hide her true feeling. Afterwards Solbi was asking Andy to come and decorate their bedroom, but then they played around with cute headgears and outfits, taking pictures while looking at ease and comfortable around each other. Regardless their ages, (Andy 28 and Solbi 25) they looked very cute together.

Andy Solbi

As they finished playing around, Solbi asked Andy to call her ‘beautiful’ at which Andy refused (I think it was because he was shy). They continued bickering for a while until Solbi said Andy is the most good-looking man she encountered in her life, leaving Andy flustered. But then she gave him a blow, ‘Eric oppa is still more suave than you’, hurting Andy. Andy said ‘Go to Eric then’ but what a cute way of making up by Solbi as she said, ‘I couldn’t go that why I am here’, sending Andy into a laughing fit.

And then they argued again about decorating the bed, so in the end Andy cleaned up the mess in the living room first before attending Solbi wish to have a princess-like bed. Then they agreed Andy will make up the bed for Solbi but Solbi has to cook rice for him. Andy put a lot of effort doing the bed but in the end, Solbi cooked instant Ja jjang myeon for him instead, which was rather hillarious actually. They ate together, talked about kimchi at which Solbi made a sudden confession about she can make a good one. Andy was surprised since he really loves kimchi and found a girl that can prepare it is beautiful. They talked about their favourite celebrities afterwards, and Solbi suddenly wanted to play the ‘noodle’ game (I don’t really know what it was called). At first Andy doesn’t want to play, but then when he decided to it was Solbi who declined because she was embarrassed (I found it rather endearing). At the end they did play, but Andy bit off his part of noodle before feeding Solbi with spoonful of bibimbap. 😀

Andy Solbi

After finished having dinner, Andy went to touch up the bed with Solbi washing up the dishes. I found it really romantic when Solbi whined her hands were freezing because of the cold water, he took her hands and wipe it with his shirt (Ah, I want to get married as well if my husband is like Andy). He even prepared an eye mask for Solbi before showing her his version of princess like bed, and I was laughing like crazy again when he pranked her by showing the bathroom instead of the bed. When he actually showed her the bed, I almost know what Solbi was feeling. I must admit that Andy was rather impressive coming out with something beautiful like that with only pieces of clothes/cotton/drapes and tapes.

Andy Solbi

The last part of the episode was really sweet. Solbi was asking him to sing his ‘Love Song’ song like an alarm clock to wake her up from her sleep, but surely Andy had something else in his mind. He ‘altered’ the cute headgear slightly, attaching a butterfly ribbon before getting into the refrigerator box, hiding. He called for Solbi and when Solbi knocked on the box, he just jumped out of it. The action itself was very VERY cute, but you can tell Solbi was so shocked because of her reaction. He then gave her a small lollipop, at which she complained it was too small. And then he said, ‘So… I have something bigger prepared,’ and dissappeared into the box again and appearing with a ribbon, saying, ‘Me!’

Andy Solbi

If I am Solbi, I will be touched and happy as well. I mean who wouldn’t? Even the person who’s doing it not Andy, isn’t it cute and romantic at the same time? Knowing Solbi, I was expecting she wouldn’t let go of him until he actually sang the song for her, and I am right. He did sang in front of her, which she had it recorded on her phone. I was even wondering if she watched the clip when she wasn’t recording anything for shows i.e. when she was free or at home.

So with that the part with Andy and Solbi finished, and they really left a good impression to me for the show. So now, I’m addicted to it. On that note, I’ll write Part 2 soon, when I’ve got time to do it. Oh, I took the screencaps of Youtube (Coolsmurf’s videos), so pardon the crappiness. Until then~


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