We Got Married, in My Humble Opinion

3 May

‘We Got Married’ is a ‘reality’ based show aired by MBC, and here the celebrities played their part as a husband or wife although it was only a make-belief couple.The couples were Andy-Solbi, Alex-Shin Ae, Crwon J-Seo In Young and Hyung Don-Saori. They recorded the show with the celebrities spending a full day together as husband and wife, with a mission given by the PD (director) as well as doing personal interviews (like the one in reality shows in US). Then in the next day, they will come to the studio and watched their filmed part together as well as others, and commented on it.

Currently, 7 episodes had been showed in Korea and I must admit I am anticipating the next episode tomorrow. The show aired at 5.30 p.m on Sunday, as part of Sunday Sunday Night Variety Show. A reality show it is, the PDs had claimed that all the actions and the conversations between the celebrities wasn’t scripted, and being a realist I always am, I do believe that the PD did set up some kind of atmosphere to be followed. (Or is it just me…)

I must admit at first I watched this show with a neutral feeling since I’m not a die-hard fan of any of the celebrities. Regarding Andy, I just like his personality in X-Man and thats about it. As for Solbi, I admit that I had a little something against her because of her being too outspoken in shows. But later on when I learned that what she had displayed before was because of her concept ‘stupid and naive girl’, I can’t help but feel sorry for her. What was her management company thinking of? Korean Entertainment management company can be so WEIRD at times.

I do like Alex voice, his was a unique voice around. I watched a Yashimmanman episode with him as a guest, and he do look like he got his own ways with women. As for Shin Ae, pardon my ignorance but I don’t really know her. When I went We Got Married thread in Soompi, almost everyone was labelling her ‘Min Woo’s ex’ which I do wonder where was I went the news of them dating broke? Am I sleeping or something? :sigh:

Crown J, this attractive man had been downgraded in my eyes since he cut his hair short, i.e. his current hair. I first watched him in Yashimmanman as well, and I must admit he was hillarious. He was good looking in that episode, with a pink shirt but without a bling necklace (he was wearing a ring, I must admit). I then looked up for his MVs, and ‘Kevin is a Player’ feta MC Mong was hillarious. But rather, I felt the Kevin he sang about was him himself, his English name is KEVIN! Seo In Young, I like her song from ‘Elly is So Hot’ i.e. ‘I Want You’. A unique personality as well, she got her own way for almost everything. And I know she is a very good friend of Yoon Eun Hye.

I watched Hyung Don in ‘Infinity Challenge’ with the other 5-6 guys. Let me check, MC Yoo, Haha, Park Myung Soo, No Hong Chul, and the other one that i couldn’t remember his name. XD Sorry~ He is a gagman, and I also saw him in Yashimmanman. He was hillarious, since it was what he does for a living. I do wonder what is his real personality like. Saori, I know she’s a Japanese, but I don’t really know which programme she appeared in. So literally this is the first time I see her, so I’m neutral.

I think the show was attractive, hillarious and romantic at the same time. At first I know they were not in any way married, but as the episodes goes, I really feel like they were really married. But every married couples had their own problems and antic, their own moments. It was like watching a drama, you wanted to know what will happen next.

However, next episode will be Alex-Shin Ae last episode together. Maybe a lot of people found them boring, but they hold a special place in my heart. A romantic couple, starting from zero into an interesting one as the days goes. I wished them all the best, Alex with his solo album and Shin Ae with whatever she do. Of course I will be happy if they did hook up together, but that is really too good to be true.

As much as I’m sad since the romantic couple will be gone, I’m anticipating Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong (SS501) as the newly wed. They were 8 years apart, I really want to see what kind of relationship they will have. Hwang Bo with her ‘masculinity’ and Hyun Joong with his goofy presonality. I just hope he will not call her noona. XD That will just be PLAIN weird.


One Response to “We Got Married, in My Humble Opinion”

  1. Syn70 June 4, 2008 at 10:33 pm #

    I just watched a YouTube video and I have to say that I really like the show. I am not Korean but PuertoRican. The show is very entertaining and I hope that it gains popularity. Thank you for writing your essay.

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