Andy sang ‘Propose’ in SBS Inkigayo!

4 May


I was browsing through my channel subscriptions in Youtube and came across Andy performing a song from his repackage album, ‘Propose’ in SBS Inkigayo!

I do have a valid reason why I am this surprised. If anyone remembers, long time ago (okay, not so long ago) around early April, MBC and SBS were at their peak of rivalry when each of the station banned artists who appeared in Sunday Sunday Night programme on each TV station to appear in their respective music show, SBS Inkigayo or MBC Music Core. 

According to Coolsmurf’s blog, the artists who were affected were;

Jewelry, Clazziquai, Crown J, Typhoon, Andy – banned from SBS Inkigayo
Super Junior, Lee Hyori, Han Young – banned from MBC Show! Music Core
Lee Seung Gi – no comeback stages on both MBC and SBS
Lee Hyo Ri, Wonder Girls – Pulled from Hollywood Bowl

Thus in short, Andy, who appeared in ‘We Got Married’ on MBC’s Sunday Sunday Night was supposedly banned from performing on SBS Inkigayo, but what a lovely surprise to see him back on stage performing! I still can’t believe my eyes because it was aired TODAY, 4th May 2008 ( but please don’t tell me he backed off from ‘We Got Married’ as well. Or I’ll cry).

Now, I’m really hoping that these banned were lifted on all those affected artists, both by MBC and SBS. Rivalry was inevitable in business, but still, business won’t be there if the fan did not get enough of their favourite artist, no?

This is not really related, but Kim Jong Wook looked at ease today when performing ‘Only You’ with Nam Gyu Ri.

Highlight of the performance? Hee Chul holding Ji Hyo hands, imitating Jong Wook. Aigoo~ even though you are his senior Hee Chul, he is still older than you! LOL


3 Responses to “Andy sang ‘Propose’ in SBS Inkigayo!”

  1. VALXD May 5, 2008 at 12:05 am #

    Yea, I’m surprise as well. But if you think about it, Andy did host inkigayo for 2 years before calling it quits last year. So in a way SBS is kinda betraying Andy’s loyality if they ban him from SBS. OR MBC and SBS have come to some common terms.

  2. Jasmine May 5, 2008 at 9:31 am #

    yeah!when I looked at the list of performers, i’m like what Andy? but oh well sbs will be stupid not to let a shinhwa member on their own show. whistles! I though SS501 will be ban too because of their leader’s commitment to we’re married but apparently they did appear too. so I guess more or less the conflict is kinda solve. sbs and mbc will lose out, esp to kbs if they continue this childish behavior.

  3. linh May 6, 2008 at 7:07 pm #

    see? i hate to say it, but “I TOLD YOU SO!” pwuahaha.

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