Speed Racer: Rain’s (as Tae Jo) Interview

4 May

Yes. I am an avid fan of his. And a fan I am I thought he is better off in Korea rather than the States. But if there’s where he wanted to be then my support will always be with him (OMG I sounded like a mum).

Here is a little video from KBS, a sneak peak on his latest Hollywood flick, ‘Speed Racer’. Yes, he talked in a Korean accented English. It was rather adorable I would say, and if I’m expecting a perfect English from him, I must be a dreamer rather than a realist I claimed to be (even my English wasn’t so perfect, and I really love British accent because it sounded sexy).

Imagine my dissappointment when I learned that he was in London on 30th April 2008 for ‘Speed Racer’ preview, I didn’t even know. I was pretty caught up with my viva’s and some coursework, thus my ignorance. I felt like yelling to the sky when I saw the pictures (which I really did), it was only 3 hours on bus and I can see him. Sigh~ I’m not so lucky then. Will make time to go to the cinema to see the film, I’ll just meet him there then. [Went to the corner and cry… 😦 I can’t believe this]


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