We Got Married Ep 08: Andy-Solbi & Preview

4 May

I must confess I only watched Andy and Solbi parts for the time being. I’m saving Alex-Shin Ae’s until Coolsmurf or someone else released subbed videos. Crown J-In Young and Hyung Don’s parts as well, so until then…

About Andy and Solbi, the episode picked up from where Episode 7 left them, i.e. Andy and Solbi were left ‘alone’ by other Shinhwa members. Solbi showed him her mother’s video message, which was really adorable! Andy was laughing when he heard her calling him An seo-bang for the first time.

Andy Solbi

Although I didn’t understand Korean, I do believe in his personal interview he said he was shocked, and don’t know how to react about it (he doesn’t know what to say) but he was so thankful, and he did leave a mesage for Solbi’s mum. With my limited Korean, I think he said something like this, “Jang-mo-nim (I believe it’s mother in law? Someone correct me!) I had eaten the delicious kimbap, really thank you for that.” and he said something about Solbi, I don’t really know what, I can’t recognise the word, only jang-mo-nim again, so… XD But I really found him so polite and very son-in-law like! 😛

Then Solbi asked if he can prepare a kind of surprise during the concert for her, and Andy said he can do some action for her during ‘Eusha Eusha’ song, which was her favourite. So then she has to watch him. She even ‘send’ him to the door, holding his hand and waist and his arm for a merest second, and her classic action once again! Butt patting! LOL

Andy Solbi

I was laughing again when she told him to listen to her voice (how can he amidst of those thousand of fans screaming?) and she even asked him to think about her! 😀 Andy just laughed, but seriously even if I am a girl, I do find Solbi is kind of cute in her own unique way. They showed them backstage, and once again I can’t help but thinking, ‘Wah… she really do look like his wife…’ She even talked to Andy’s cordi!

During her personal interview, I think she talked about being Shinhwa’s fan again, and that she attended their concert before her debut. When they show Andy’s dancing with subtitles ‘Charismatic Husband’ I was laughing like crazy, but Solbi looked so happy there! (I want to go to the concert as well… XD)

Solbi Andy

Then as expected, the ‘Eusha Eusha’ song finally being sung! Solbi said she was waiting for the action as well, but she does understand being a singer, on stage, he might not be able to do it. So she said, its okay if he doesn’t although he does promised her. It’s another side of Solbi, and because she did understand his ‘difficulties’ I think she’s very lovable. The song was about to end, but there was still no action from Andy. Everyone in the studio was nervous, (LOL) but then suddenly when he was jumping around, he did a love sign and the caption read ‘Solbi-ya, did you see it?’ She saw the sign and she was so happy, waving her hand at him although I doubt it that he saw it… During Andy’s interview, he said he was thinking hard on how to do the action, he was contemplating to the the heart sign using his hands, but he was afraid if she can’t really see it. Then he just decided to do the bigger heart in count of three, hoping that it was visible to her!

Andy Solbi

I must say that he looked so adorable, and I thought he said he was embarrased when doing that because of his vest? Maybe he was referring to when he did the action, some of his upper body part was exposed. HAHAHA~ Then they showed the part where Shinhwa sang ‘Once In a Lifetime’ and where they stood together at the end. Andy talked a bit after Eric, but he couldn’t talk that much since he was crying. Solbi, upon seeing him crying, she ried as well. Hye Sung and Dong Wan hugged him and the only thought that come into my mind was ‘what a lovely friendship’. But awwww~ so much crying in this episode!

Andy SolbiAndy Solbi

Later, they showed Andy coming off the stage with Solbi waiting for him. When she called him, you can see he was a bit startled and embarrassed since his eyes were puffy from crying. He even covered his face, but she said she was really touched.

Andy Solbi

Andy asked her if she cried but then she denied although Andy pointed out something about her eyes. She hold his arm again (so naturally!) and was saying ‘You did well’ when Dong Wan was being mischievous again by jumping in so suddenly, surprising Solbi. And naturally again, she gave him her unique back hug by jokingly strangling him. She then told him she say the heart and Andy was so happy. LOL he deserved it. Aja! She then gave him a massage, and the subtitle, again amused me. ‘Thank you oppa’, it said. Jun Jin’s dad suddenly came into picture, hugging Andy and was about to hug Solbi but he hesitated and hugged Andy instead. You can tell Solbi was surprised, and Jun Jin’s dad gestured that Andy should ‘relay’ his hug to Solbi. And they hugged! Wah, adorable! Then they showed the part where Andy taught Solbi his dance routine for ‘Love Song’ and they look cute together with those shades! LOL Finally then they show the real performance, with some fans looking so intently at Solbi (they where holding Andy’s banner).

Andy SolbiAndy Solbi

Although I’ve seen this performance long ago, I really love the heart and ending pose! they look so adorable together! The ending line of the song wasn’t bad either, ‘I love you forever…!’ Kya~~~~ so cute! I can’t wait for the subbed episode, but then I don’t really has a choice but to wait.

As I said erlier, I didn’t watch any of other cuts for other couples but I had to admit I did went to the Soompi thread to see some spoilers. I discovered almost everyone cried watching Alex-Shin Ae part because Alex broke the news he’s leaving and Shin Ae doesn’t know about it beforehand. He sang her a song apparently, and they hugged at the end. I don’t really want to bawl my eyes out without understanding anything, so I’ll just wait. XD So here’s the preview for next episode!

Seemed like they are going shopping together next time, and since I’m talking about Andy-Solbi for a long time now, I’ll just talk about them. XD In the preview, Andy was cooking, and at some point he looked as if he was so nervous. His nervous face is really adorable! I do believe he’s meeting his ‘in-laws’. I do hope Solbi’s dad will turn up as well… ahaha~ On the other hand, Crown J and In Young seemed to be in a fight again, and as usual she smiled again because of his events. And I believe the subtitle said In Young was nervous to see Crown J’s mom? Aha~ cute!

And they show Hwang Bo’s and Hyun Joong’s house, which I believe situated in Jeju-do. It looked soooo exclusive, my God, even better than Alex-Shin Ae house! I don’t know why they have to film in Jeju, my wild guess was because they don’t want any fanatic fan of SS501 to ‘attack’ Hwang Bo for marrying Hyun Joong? Haha~ maybe I am just too paranoid. Until next week~

Pictures credit to Luv @ Soompi and the clip to monmonsnow2 @ Youtube. Thanks guys! 🙂


3 Responses to “We Got Married Ep 08: Andy-Solbi & Preview”

  1. Jasmine May 4, 2008 at 5:27 pm #

    gah!anbi! gahhhhhh! i’m not a fan of alex and shinae partly because i wish alex’s mine! ok, snap back to reality JASMINE! lol! but alex………gah,every girl wants him i guess! in one way or another, we really cannot deny his charisma. even one who is like ewk alex’s so fake will have a soft spot for him that they just refuse to admit. anyway, my point is ANDY AND SOLBI SHOULD REALLY GO OUT! haha, no link to my whole part of alex. loves [:

  2. Amy May 4, 2008 at 8:23 pm #

    Andy & Solbi are too cute!!!!!! I love them. This episode was heavy on the Alex/Shinae, but that’s okay, that just means more AnBi next week.

    I really want Andy & Solbi to date in real life *sigh* He seems to be warming up to her each episode and I can’t wait to see the ring! 🙂

  3. aindy May 4, 2008 at 10:45 pm #

    hi there!!
    that was a loooooooooong review but i loved it..

    AnBi couple is soooooo cute, honest…
    can’t wait for more episodes to come..

    well, whether they want to go OUT in real life, i think it depends on Andy lol~!!
    and i bet Solbi would definitely agree, hehe…

    i was thinking hard maybe Andy doesn’t like girls who are younger than him?? he prefers older girls that’s why even if how loving Solbi is he is not yet that interested on her, just a friend..

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