JOO: A Rising Star

5 May

JYP new addiction, JOO or her real name Jung Min Joo, in my humble opinion is an impressive 18 years old singer. She participated in SBS and JYP collabration contest, ‘Star Survival’ in 2006 but did not emerged as the ultimate winner.

But eventually she was picked by JYP himself to be under JYPE training scheme, and to be honest JYP made a good decision about her She might be not ready to be a singer back then, but after training and some polishing, she made it. JYP was known for producing good and successful singers in the long run. I mean just look at god (even though they were in hiatus right now with Kim Tae Woo in the army), Rain, Lim Jeong Hee and most recent sensational girl group, Wonder Girls. They are all successful, and credits should be given to JYP himself.

Back to JOO, dubbed as ‘the Jewel of JYP’, on contrary to her seniors, her genre is ballad. I admit I was a bit surprised when I learned that JOO is under JYPE after seeing her debut in KBS Music Bank around 11th January 2008. JYP’s artists were stereotyped with genre’s like Dance/Pop (Rain, Wonder Girls), R&B/Soul (Lim Jeong Hee, Nell), and Rap/Soul/R&B (god). Yes,I do agree those singers did their fair share of ballad songs in their respective albums, but certainly ballad was not their title song.

That’s not the case for JOO. Her debut song, 남자 때문에 (Because of A Man), a slow and smooth ballad enjoyed immersed popularity due to the quality of the song and the way she sang the song live – oh my – did she just ripped my heart apart. (Okay, I’m exaggerating, but you should know what I mean). She sang it emotionally and beautifully which made me sometimes prefer her live redintion rather than her CD version.

Andy Solbi

But as she enjoyed her new-found popularity, she was accused to undergo plastic surgery, which I thought rather amusing. Let her be if she wanted to have a surgery, at least she used her own money, not that she begged someone else to pay for it (even if JYPE did pay for her, she did ‘paid’ it back with her success). And to be perfectly honest, a singer with good looks was better received in the cruel entertainment business, and if she really did do the surgery, she’d done it for the sake of her career. (Come on, just admit it, how many not-so-good-looking singer was so successful before with exception of some?)

Other scandal came out as well. Photos of her drinking and smoking emerged on the internet, shocking Korean nitizen. They bashed her, saying bad things about her, but I respected her for admitting her fault and promised to show a clean image as a singer. The scandal died down eventually – thank Godness – and finally people take note of her singing career, not her plastic surgery  or behaving badly issues in the past.

When she finally stopped promoting her debut song, she was performing on stage with Mighty Mouth in place for Yoon Eun Hye who recorded the song with the relatively new hip-hop duo. The song was entitled ‘I Love You’ and not being the original featured singer, JOO was heavily critised by fans. Don’t believe me? Just go and watch clips of the performances in Youtube, and scroll down a bit to see the comments.

Yoon Eun Hye unnie did better job than her.

Her singing was bad!

I won’t deny that Yoon Eun Hye sounded good with Mighty Mouth, but come on, the song was released with her voice in it, not JOO’s. Of course JOO sounded different, but do give the girl a break. She was trying her best with her own redintion, as much as you are cheering for Yoon Eun Hye, you can always cheer for JOO as well. Furthermore it’s a live performance, and knowing JOO’s quite unstable voice, she might sound off key in some part. She’s improving as well, and why can’t some cannot see that? I do wonder.

As well as performing with Mighty Mouth, she performed the second song from her single, 어제처럼
(Like Yesterday), originally performed by J. The song itself was a very popular song before, and I was worried the fans will start comparing her again with the original singer. And BINGO, how right I am.

She’s good, but she’s no J.

J’s version was better.

Now, really, COME ON! Of course she’s no J! She’s JOO. Maybe the first letter of their stage name was the same, but notice there’s two Os in JOO’s name, thus it made her JOO, NOT J. And you ahd heard J’s version for years, how come JOO’s new version will be better in a matter of weeks? Why of why, can’t people see the obvious?

She’s JOO and how she sang the song with her own interpretation made her JOO, not J. At least she’s not copying the original singer, she did it by her own, and I must say her version was good as well. Both J and JOO have this kind of softest voice, but JOO’s voice had a certain level of huskiness in it, thus giving the song a new flavour. I love her version as well as J’s, and at least I know who’s singing which if I just listen to the voice. (I do wonder if she copied J, will people say, ‘She’s copying J!’ Jezz. XD)

Wah, after reading this back I sounded so bitter. But I do have my own reason. Hmph. Well, I’m anticipating for a new album from JOO, which will showcase her true ability as a singer. I love her new song 그게 사랑이야 (It’s Love) from ‘Three Dads and One Mom’ OST. I’ll post the lyrics and translation later if someone is interested in it. Maybe a clip of her during the recording as well.

With that I left you with JOO’s new ‘Because of A Man’ performance yesterday (4th May 2008), in an Open Concert. I bet she was freezing wearing a short dress with the wind blowing so strongly. But our JOO did her best, she actually sounded very good in this one. Way to go JOO!

Last words. A singer can’t be all good everytime. They are humans, so they have their own flaws. Accept their flaws and admit it, but don’t stop and continue to cheer for them. That’s what a real fan should do.


2 Responses to “JOO: A Rising Star”

  1. ariana November 13, 2011 at 6:32 pm #

    I may not be a big fan of JOO, but her voice is amazingly beautiful.

  2. Selena May 27, 2013 at 11:42 pm #

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