Se7en: Breaking the wall of US Music Industry

5 May

When it came to Choi Dong Wook i.e. Se7en, I’m a neutral. I’m not an avid fan of his nor a thoughtless anti. I like his Korean songs because they were good. His music videos were always attractive looking (I think ‘La La La’ topped the chart with the steamy scene, LOL).

So finally this good-looking 24 years old singer is releasing a new album, in hope to break the prejudice against Asian singer. According to a post by chiyo @ Soompi, credit to yonhap,cecilia @ soompi, and

It’s rare for an Asian singer to debut in the US and the load is heavy on my shoulder. The nervousness is actually bigger than the burden. I’m feeling like 5 years ago before my debut.

There’s prejudice on Asian singers but my music will change that. Famous producers worked on my album, which includes R&B, pop, hip hop music that will be able to remove the prejudice on an Asian singer. If it’s played on radio, it will feel as if it’s sung by a current singer because it was made to current trends of music.

He even had his own official MySpace (it’s time for all those posers to give up and search for someone else to pose), which had his new song, ‘Them Girls’ as the background music. The song was indeed nice, his soft voice sounded good in English.

However, the one big question is, will he get the break he desired in the US? Will he get the attention from local fans, who had no interest whatsoever in K-Pop scene?

In my humble opinion, be it him, Rain, J-Lim, Min, G-Soul or Charice Pempengco, if they showed originality in their songs and be themselves, the wall is already broken.


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