Rain and Stephen Colbert Face Off

6 May

I must admit I love Stephen Colbert’s sense of humour. He’s funny as hell, I couldn’t stop laughing once he put his deadpan face and talked about something funny without even breaking a grin. Way to go Colbert!

Who doesn’t remember the ‘incident’ where he was pushed out of his seat off the Time 100 Most Influential People in 2007 by Rain (Bi), 25 years old Korean mega-star, which happened to be one of my favourite artists.

And so then in 2008, list for the poll was announced, and the voting started but guess what. Colbert loses again, to Rain as he dominated the poll with Colbert (and even Oprah and Bill Gates) trailing behind. Here’s a clip where he talked about Rain, and subsequently challenging Rain for a dance-off. You can see a bit of Rain in the clip, praising Colbert ability to dance but asking him not to ‘quit your day job’. LOL

So then after the poll was closed, as expected Rain won over him (even though both loses to Shigeru Miyamoto), and here’s the consequences of the dance-off challenge. ‘Shame on you Rain’ he said, because he didn’t accepted Colbert’s challenge. He even talked about Speed Racer, and of course when talking about Speed Racer, you couldn’t miss but to talk about Rain, since he’s one of the cast.

But at the end, here I present you, a hella funny clip with a sudden appearance of Rain, with Colbert fully in his ‘costume’ in his studio. My stomach hurts from laughing, I hope yours will too. 😛

Thumbs up to both of the celebrities, and to Rain for being cool about it. By the way, nice moves, Colbert!

Edited 7th may 2008 – The clips weren’t available anymore, I apologise. XD Go search in Youtube by yourself.


One Response to “Rain and Stephen Colbert Face Off”

  1. Disco Valante May 10, 2008 at 7:02 pm #

    Rain’s performance in Speed Racer was awesome. I didn’t know his role was so big. The movie was also good.

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