WonderBang: Summer Video Project

6 May

As one of the devotees of the WonderBang crew, I am given the privilege to cover the second friendly competition in Soompi thread, hosted by a lovely lady i.e. Nicole (digigirl99).  If you are a member of Soompi, addicted to WonderBang fics reading, feel free to nominate your favourite author and story! 🙂 So now, back to the business, I only do the coverage, so the information below was definitely written out by Nicole herself. ABSOLUTELY nothing was mine. XD Okay, I did edited few bits here and there. 😛


by Nicole (digigirl99) @ WonderBang Soompi Thread

This project was in planning around February and got a little put away but now since its May and summer is right around the corner I’m going to reopen it. Plus its sort of a gift for being away so long. Is it okay family? Aha.

For this video project we will have a week of story nominations. One person can nominate three WonderBang stories that have been posted in the Soompi Fanfix section, that they really want to see in a trailer/movie thing. Out of all the nominations we will pick the top nominated and hold a vote. There will be a first, second, and third place.

The winner with the most votes gets the longest video. These videos will be to the best of my ability but trust me when I say they won’t turn out horrible.

Since there are so many new WonderBang fics each day, I require the story to have been posted before MAY. So if you saw a story that you really liked but it was just posted today, I’m sorry but it won’t be eliegible.

The reason for this is that the original story date cut off was in March but I’ve decided to extend it. The story must have at least 5 chapters. I can’t create something out of nothing right? Must be wonderbang. Enough said right?

Nominate THREE only. PM me with nominations. (PM digigirl99 @ Soompi)

After sorting out the top nominees I will PM the authors myself for consent. Be patient. These vids will take awhile but I really wthink that they’ll be worth it. Questions, Comments or Concerns. PM me or give me a comment on my page.

End of Nicole’s words, so here’s mine. This is an effort to keep the WonderBang thread and our interest alive. So come and support us if you are one of the fans of either of the group. I don’t want to promise anything, but if I’ve got spare time in my hands, I will list out the fanfics that is eligible for nomination. Watch this space!


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