Kang In and Chae Jung Ahn Teamed Up for a Movie!

8 May

A bizarre couple. But both are adorable. 🙂

Actress Chae Jung An (Coffee Prince) and Super Junior member Kangin (Attack of the Pin Up Boys) will be involved in a older woman/younger man relationship.

Chae Jung Ahnkang In

The film “Sun Jung Man Hwa” (Lit. Pure Manhwa) is currently under production. Originally, Chae Jung An and Super Junior’s Choi Siwon were organized to be the couple. However, because of Super Junior-China activities, Choi Siwon has no choice but to reject the role. Therefore, Kangin filled up this empty spot. After Attack on the Pin-Up Boys, this will be Kangin’s second silver-sceren debut.

In Kangin’s previous production, he depicts a strong but gullible young high school student. However, in ‘Sun Jung Man Hwa’, Kangin will be challenged to do a manly and charismatic performance. Kangin’s character Kang So is a young man who falls in love with an older woman. He is a character that is persistent and never gives up, especially in love.

Aside Chae Jung An and Kangin, roles for the two other leads, to Yoo Ji Tae and Lee Yeonhee, are also confirmed. SJMW, written and drawn by author Kangfull, was a popular 2003 internet comic, breaking the record of having over 60,000,000 views. The story deals with two couples, one older man/younger woman relationship with age difference of 12 years and another the opposite.

Source: Hankooki.com
Translations by miss scarlett @ Asianfanatics


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