Kim Dong Wan is back!

8 May

Once again, Kim Dong Wan (Shinhwa) has come back to us with a brand new album, The Secret. This is his second album, a little treat for a fan before he goes off to the army, returning only after 2 and a half years. As part of Shinhwa, he had said goodbye to fans in their 10th Anniversary concert last month, and I do hope as an individual/solo singer, he will hold another special event for fans before he goes off.

10 years being in the showbiz, Dong Wan had heaps of experience. But as a solo singer, he had only taken his baby steps with his first album with a soothing ballad entitled ‘Handkerchief’. The song was a great song, showcasing Dong Wan’s powerful voice. Yet he come back with an electronic title song, (he did said this himself when he talked about his new album in the variety Sang Sang Plus 2) surprising, well, myself.

Kim Dong Wan

His title song, ‘Bi Mil’ or ‘Secret’ borrowed Tiffany’s (SNSD) voice for a little narration, and to be honest the song reminds me of songs that were produced in 1990s. Maybe because of the style, but it was indeed refreshing to see Dong Wan trying something new, venturing towards genres that he hadn’t had the chance to explore in his 1st album. Here’s the tracklist of his new CD.

Track list / Download link:
01.남자의 사랑
02. 비밀 (Narr. 소녀시대 티파니)
03. 왜 그래 (feat. Heritage)
04. Honey (feat. Eric)
05. 사랑하는 사람아
06. 바람의 노래
07. 사이키스
08. 떠나도 돼
09. 악녀탈출
10. 좋을 사람
11. 잊어야겠다
12. You Don’t Know Me (duet with Jade Valerie)
13. 비밀 (Instrumental)
14. 왜 그래 (Instrumental)

He collaborated with a lot of singer in his first album, making it a star studded one. But for this album, he collaborated only with four other singer. Eric contributed in track 4 and his duet with Jade Valerie in track 12 had gained attraction since it was gaining popularity in music charts. Track 3 is the cover version of highly successful Kim Hyun Chul’s song released in 1995, featuring gospel group Heritage. ‘Handkerchief’ composer, Yoon Myeon Soo also participated in this album for track 7, while Kim Jae Seok of Wanted  demonstrates his composing skills in track 8.

His new MV, sadly did not have a rich storyline like ‘Handkerchief’ did, but that was quite understandable. Kim Min Sun starred in this MV and she looked gorgeous in it. The only thing I am not very sure of, the dance scenes with Dong Wan with rather a lot of dancers, on the rooftop? XD They distracted me. Here is the MV, courtsey from wenyili @ Youtube.

But all in all, the song is attractive. It was a fusion between ballad and electronica if I were to be specific. Tiffany’s narration came in a very fleeting moment, and in seconds it ended. Kim Dong Wan’s trademark voice complimeted the melody well and hearing the song back, it did remind me of Shinhwa’s previous songs. I was expecting something like Gummy’s ‘I’m Sorry’ but nothing like that come. But then, I am not dissappointed since this is Dong Wan, not Gummy and its good to see the song did actually surprised me. 

I’m looking foward live performance of this addictive song. So until then~

Information of the album credit to



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