Crown J and Seo In Young Collaborated Once Again!

9 May

Our adorable couple with 24/7 bickering in ‘We Got Married’ were collaborating once again, this time in Crown J single entitled ‘Too Much’, released on 8th May 2008 (which is yesterday). Crown J had appeared in Jewelry’s new MV in very fleeting moments which I believe the song was called ‘Everyone… shhh!’ Now it’s Seo In Young turn to be featured in her ‘husband’ single, which I found so adorable.

Crown J

Unfortunately, (haha~) there’s only one track was included in this particular single, which is ‘Too Much’ featuring Seo In Young. The song, of course, a hip hop one considering Crown J is indeed a rapper. Seo In Young’s voice complimented well with Crown J’s vocal and occasionally when he did sang, he sounded good as well.

As I listened to the song (I am listening when typing this), it sounded better and better. Seo In Young’s trademark ‘aegyo’ voice made this song sounded cuter at some point, and to be honest I do like her voice. And listening to them, all of sudden their antic scenes in ‘We Got Married’ came flowing in my brain even though I did not understand any of the lyrics, at all. Made me smile even though I only understand the part where she sang ‘I love you’, in English of course.

But as it came to the end, came to the part where Crown J rap, ‘Baby 24/7, all day I’m clean~ so clean…!’ I was literally laughing my arse off. It was SO FUNNY! OMG I totally remembers when he wiped his shoes with those baby wipes thingy to keep it clean. XD Or did I just heard him wrong? Hahahaha~ whatever it is, it sounded funny. I’ll upload the song somewhere if someone wants it. Other option, you can go to and download it yourself. 🙂

I am curious about when did they record this song? Will we have the privilage to see the actual footage of the recording in ‘We Got Married’ or we are not that lucky because they decided to keep it private? Hmmm… now I wonder~


4 Responses to “Crown J and Seo In Young Collaborated Once Again!”

  1. ratha May 9, 2008 at 10:22 pm #

    this song is so now all we need is andy & solbi to make a song..

  2. alice May 29, 2008 at 4:41 am #

    crown j uploaded videos of their recording sessions of ‘too much’ on his cyworld.
    seo in young also uploaded really couple-like photos (not shown on the show) onto her personal cyworld.

  3. leah August 13, 2008 at 3:39 am #

    I hope you can put up the song. And I hope you can put up the romanized lyrics. I really want to learn the song. Thanks so much. Crown J and In Young fighting!

  4. mobilezdi September 9, 2008 at 7:48 am #

    im totally addicted with this song. Crown J’s rapping so damn FINE…!!
    i <3<3<3 this ant&witch couple.. A!

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