Jang Hyung Don-Saori Out, Lee Hwi Jae-Jo Yeo Jung In for We Got Married

9 May

I totally doesn’t see this coming. After all, there’s no fuss about them going off the show, unlike Alex’s and Shin Ae’s. Even though I do felt sorry for both for being not compatible to each other, I shall miss their realistic husband and wife relationship, why, they totally looked like they were married for years!

Coming into the scene is Lee Hwi Jae and Jo Yeo Jung, the third male MC for ‘We Got Married’ show itself and an actress, which according to peeps in Soompi was generally well-known in Korea rather than Shin Ae before ‘We Got Married’.

We Got Married

I am anticipating what kind of relationship these two people will be having, since Lee Hwi Jae was well-known as a ‘player’, with various celebrity saying that in various variety show, notably in an episode of Yashimmanman.

Apparently ‘We Got Married’ has been sweeping the whole nation (I mean Korea) with a thyphoon. Even ‘Hi-5’, a variety show aried at the same time slot in KBS2 was cancelled, and they were brainstorming ideas to come out with a better show to compete with ‘We Got Married’. Unless the show (We Got Married) lose its charm, I don’t think so. Sorry~

Two couples out and two couples getting in. It would be so much fun! And a fair warning to the PDs, please don’t kick out Andy-Solbi and Crown J-Seo In Young too soon okay?


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