We Got Married Ep 09: Andy-Solbi & Preview

11 May

Episode 9 for Andy-Solbi couple opened up with them on the street, and I thought Solbi looked so beautiful in todays episode. She’s becoming more and more beautiful. Is it because she’s in love? Haha~

Anyway, they were strolling together, with Solbi holding Andy’s arm asking him how was his concert in China (Jong Kook is China right?) He was saying it was so tiring when she asked him ‘Do you miss me?’ I really like his reply, ‘Very MUCH!’ with his aegyo action. Suddenly, there’s a fan shouting at the other side of the road,’Solbi unnie, so pretty!’ and she said while laughing ‘Thank you~’ I thought Solbi asked who do you like better and the fan said ‘Andy oppa!’ LOL

Andy Solbi

Today, they received their mission envelop n a very special way, in a post box in the middle of the street. The mission was to buy somehing for the parents since its a family month in Korea )if I’m not mistaken, 5th May is Parents Day). Solbi, again, thanks to her imagination, because of there’s so many people around she asked Andy to say ‘Solbi-ya~ I love you’ amongst the crowd. Of course Andy wouldn’t do that right? 😛

Andy Solbi

I can see Andy hesitating, but in the end while they were walking he suddenly shouted ‘Solbi is MINE!’ OMG so sweet~ Even sweeter than sugar. HAHAA~ Solbi told him she was so happy when he asked her, ‘Is that alright?’ Seemed like Andy couldn’t deny anything Solbi wanted. Aigoo. XD

Solbi Andy

They went into a shop, and chose some clothes for themselves and for Solbi’s parents. Note that they were HOLDING HANDS! OMO!!! So comfortable with each other!!! I’m so envious now… Solbi wanted to buy something to create the couple look, and Andy agrees to it. They really does look like a couple went for shopping together. It was rather funny when Solbi asked him to buy a woman’s pant for him. LOL His reaction was rather cute!

Andy Solbi

The shopping scenes were shortened I believed. So then, it was shown Andy was preparing foods for Solbi’s parents, and I don’t really know what he was preparing. But it sure look delicious. Half-way, Solbi asked about Andy’s mom, and I found it rather endearing for her to ask about his mom. They talked and talked, I think they talked about Andy’s mum doesn’t ‘like’ woman bside him, and Solbi told him her dad was the same when it comes to her ‘boyfriend’ as well. When Andy was cooking, she patted his butt again. XD But he doesn’t really have a reaction this time, he just like, endured it. LOL She even told him that her friends thought that he did have a ‘cute’ bum. OMO. XD

Andy Solbi

They were frying some veggies in the living room and Andy fed her some, ah blissful~ It was so cute to see Andy running here and there trying to cook various things at the same time. 🙂 He was really trying his best as he put a lot of effort on it. As time passed, Andy was in a state of panic, while Solbi was really at ease. I really like it when she hugged him from behind, I guess she was saying thank you to Andy in her own way. Looking at the food prepared, I came to a conclusion that Andy is indeed a great cook! XD Even better than Solbi. Haha~ that’s why I totally understand why suddenly Solbi asked, ‘Have you been married before?’ because he was so good at it.

Andy Solbi

At the end, he was panicking, very visibly, running here and there, keep on saying ‘there’s no time’. He even checked his appearance, and finally settled on sitting with Solbi while wiping his sweat. I think the meeting must be very important for him personally as well. They were joking with each other when finally the door rings, and Andy’s shocked reaction was really cute! (You should watch it!) When Solbi opened the door, the first thing she said was, ‘Appa!’ and suddenly here comes the highlight of the episode, ‘Aigo, An seo-bang~’ from Solbi’s dad! LOL With that the episode ends.

Andy Solbi

Pardon for the crappiness of the caps! Its capped from Youtube videos, since I’m too lazy to download. XD By the way, here’s next week preview.

Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong seemed to get ready for a couple facial, Hwi Jae and Yeo Jung moved into their house, with Hwi Jae saying in his personal interview, ‘So this marriage’s like.’  Cut the scene where Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo having a meal together, and to their living room, drinking beer together. I thought Hyun Joong gave her a music sheet or something, cause it seemed like it.

It ‘Meet the Mum’ for Seo In Young and  Crown J said, ‘Now, you’re dead’ to In Young.  I was laughing like crazy watching Crown J’s expression, looking at In Young while she asked the mum to eat a lot, saying ‘Why are you behaving like this first time seeing her?’ to his mom. Looks like they are in sauna place. They were even bickering again in front of the mum, but discreetly… haha~

‘Meet the parents’ session with Andy and Solbi, paying their respect to elders together, like real husband and wife will do. Andy looked VERY NERVOUS! O_o But the next scene show Andy and Solbi’s dad even wore the same clothes, the same goes with Solbi and her mom. Very cute! They danced the heart dance, but seemed like the expression of Solbi’s parents weren’t so good. XD HAHA~ can’t wait.


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