Kim Yuna: The Queen on Ice

13 May

I’ve never been a fan of figure skating. I do know Michelle Kwan, a highly talented skater and considered as one of the greatest figure skaters of all time. I watched her skate, as well as others until Kim Yuna came along, the interest went up a hitch. It continued that way until last year, a friend gave me an anime entitled ‘Ginban Kaleidoscope’ and suddenly the interest heightened.

One of my favourite figure skaters would be Kim Yuna. I guess she’ll always be. Five year younger than me myself, she got this attractive aura surrounding her everytime she appeared on ice. Although Michelle Kwan is undoubtfully good, I found myself prefered Yuna over her. Maybe its because its been such a long time since Kwan last participated in any championship, and I dare say Kim Yuna is on the rise till now, even though she had been diagnosed and treated of spine injury in early 2007.

In March 2007, when competing in World Championship held in Tokyo she performed ‘Tango de Roxanne’ from ‘Moulin Rouge’ for her short program. She was only 16 years old during that time, the first World Championship she had ever participated. But what a way to mark her arrival, breaking the previous record with her own 71.95 points, the highest score under the ISU Judging System. Without exagerating, I think she did the best compared to others. Everything was perfect, her expression, her jumps and lutz, her flips and toes, and of course, her graceful movements.

This is one of the best clips of Yuna figure skating, and I think the judges did great giving her such a high mark for this one. May I add, great commentary as well. 🙂 She fell during her long program, and she finished third in the championship.

She competed in both Cup of China and Cup of Russia, where in the Cup of Russia she scored the highest score ever under ISU Judging system again, but for her long program. She continued her success by defending her Grand Prix Final title in Turin/Torina Italy, defeating Mao Asada, Carolina Kostener, and Caroline Zhang.

She withdrew from 2007-2008 South Korean Nationals as well as 2008 Four Continents Figure Skating Championships due to hip injury. But she proceed to 2008 World Championship in Sweden, securing bronze medal with a score of 183.23, only 1.45 points behind the silver medalist Carolina Kostner and further 2.33 points behind the gold medalist, Mao Asada. Even though she finished first in her free program with Miss Saigon, a fall on the triple lutz jump in her short program proved costly for her. In my opinion, even though she finished third overall, her performance should be applauded as she was still under injury during that time.

She got a long way to go, but she is indeed my favourite Queen on Ice. I wish her all the best for any competition she is competing this year, may the victory be with you.

I found this clip of her singing in Star Show, a Korean show basically, performing ‘If’, originally by Tae Yeon of SNSD. Even though she sounded shaky because of being nervous, I’m still amazed. She’s not a profesional singer, and she sounded good. She is surely a multi-talented person.


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