2008 World Figure Skating Championships

15 May

It is never to late to talk about 2008 World Figure Skating Championships, which was held in Gothenburg, Sweden at the Scandinavium Arena from March 17 to 23. In fact, its barely two months ago. I’m more interested in singles, thus this explained the lacking or pairs or ice dancing in this particular post. This is a long post of Youtube videos and short comments, feel free to take your time to watch them all.

But since there’s TOO much of the videos, I think I’ll just leave you with this little treat as a sneak preview before you can decided whether to or not to watch the rest.

The Most Exciting Performance in 2008 Worlds

Daisuke Takahashi – Swan Lake by Tchaikovski, Hip Hop Version (Japan, 22 years old)

He was, at that moment, an incredibly sexy beast on the ice! I LOVE the way he danced his way through the short program confidently even with a failed triple axel at the beginning of the program. Brilliant footworks and dancing, I’ve never seen something quite like this on ice. As Chris Howarth and Nicky Slater termed it, he’s a skating Justin Timberlake. 🙂


The Worlds Champion: Jeffrey Buttle (Canada, 26 years old)

Short Program – Adios Nonino (1st)

Free Skating – Ararat (1st)

Just a little trivia, he was one of the choreographers responsible for one of Kim Yuna’s program choreographies. And without even without a quad, he won the gold medal surpassing the Brian joubert with his clean and crisp triple axel jumps. What a way to be a champion!


Silver Medalist: Brian Joubert (France, 24 years old)

Short Program – All for you by Sèbastien Damiani (6th)

Free Skating – Nothing Else Matters By Apocalyptica (2nd)


Bronze Medalist: Johnny Weir (United States of America, 24 years old)

Short Program – Yunona I Avos by Svetlana Pikous (2nd)

Free Skating – Love is War by Globus (5th)



The Worlds Champion: Mao Asada (Japan, 18 years old)

Short Program – Fantasia for Violin and Orchestra by Jean-Claude Petit (2nd)

Free Skating – Fantaisie (Impromptu suite) by Fréderic Chopin (2nd)


Silver Medalist: Carolina Kostner (Italy, 21 years old)

Short Program – Riders on the Storm by The Doors (1st)

Free Skating – Dumky Trio by Antonin Dvorak (3rd)


Bronze Medalist: Kim Yuna (South Korea, 18 years old)

Short Program – Die Fledermaus by Johann Strauss II (5th)

Free Skating – Miss Saigon from Miss Saigon (1st)

I just have to comment on Kim Yuna. I think it’s pretty obvious that she fell during the beginning of her short program. And she lost her touch afterwards on the program. Little we know that after the fall she was skating in pain, and this I believe had led to her hip injury which had taken a toll on her performance later on. What a tough competitor she was, and even though she’s not in her best shape when skating for her free program, she did everything she can. Good luck for 20098-2009 session, Kim Yuna. I really want to see you snatched away the gold medal this time around.


Touching Moment of 2008 Worlds

Miki Ando (Japan, 21 years old)

Miki Ando was a great skater, beautiful and graceful on the ice. But accident happened. During a practice on the morning before her free skating program, she injured herself by tearing her calf muscles. As a person who studied about sports biomechanics and injuries, I completely understood why she decided to withdraw from the competition after being unable to land from a jump. A wise decision I would say, rather than taking the risk to completely tear the muscles, which could mean an early retirement. Best of luck and wish you a speedy recovery, Miki Ando.


2008 Worlds Gala

Jeffrey Buttle – Pagliacci


Mao Asada – Étude Op. 10, No. 3 (So Deep Is The Night) by Frederic Chopin


Brian Joubert – Rise (Leave Me Alone) by Safri Duo


Kim Yuna – Only Hope by Mandy Moore


Daisuke Takahashi – Bachelorette by Bjork


Carolina Kostner – You are a Woman by Bonnie Tyler


Johnny Weir – Ave Maria


Yukari Nakano – Aria



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