PART 1: Andy and Solbi Chronology in ‘We Got Married’

15 May

As a certified Andy and Solbi fans, I lurk around ‘We Got Married’ thread in Soompi A LOT… and a fellow member glee22 had compiled their ‘events’ in chronological order. So I’m taking that as a baseline, and combined it with my own opinion and observation.

14th March – I believe this was their first ever meeting (plus and minus a day). During the recording, it was said that the day was the ‘White Day’ where guys should be giving out present for girls in return for ‘Valentine’s Day’. Andy gave her a small lollipop, and himself. 🙂 They moved in and ‘spend the night’ at their new house with Solbi making him a breakfast the next day while asking for his schedule. She’s behaving like a wife already… The footage from this recording was shown in both episode 1 and 2.

16th March – Episode 1 of ‘We Got Married’ was aired.

23th March – Even though glee22 think that the recording took place on the 28th, I will go with 23rd March because during their kimchi making sesion, Solbi switched on the TV and episode 2 of ‘We Got Married’ was aired. Note that they filmed this for 24 hours, so it first began with them ‘working out’ together, playing pool, eating jajjang myeon with Andy buying coffee for her before they proceed to their house to prepare kimchi. They then had their dinner together with the phone conversation with Eric as well as heart to heart talk about Andy’s mom took place during this recording. The footage from was shown in episode 3, 4, 5 and 6.

29/30th March – The Shinhwa Concert! Solbi’s mom appearance for lunch box preparation and Solbi attending Shinhwa concert for Andy. They had lunch together with Shinhwa members, as well as the kiss incident took place. Not to forget Andy’s heart sign for Solbi during ‘Eusha Eusha’ song during the concert. The footage from was shown in both episode 7 and 8. Episode 3 of ‘We Got Married’ was aired.

5th April – Andy’s ‘Love Song’ performance in MBC Music Core in Star Cameo section and Solbi appeared to perform a duet. The rehearsal might took place somewhere after Shinhwa Concert and the actual performance. The footage of the performance was shown at the end of episode 8.

6th April – Episode 4 of ‘We Got Married’ was aired.

13th April – Episode 5 of ‘We Got Married’ was aired.

19/20th April – Andy was in China for his concert. He allegedly bought a ring for Solbi, for her ‘hard work’ in ‘We Got Married’. Andy appeared in KBS2 Entertainment Relay Star Recipe segment, where he denied dating Solbi, only laughing when the MC asked him if he likes Solbi. The recording of this segment was unknown, but definitely after the performance and before he went to China. Episode 6 of ‘We Got Married’ was aired.

21st April – The show 8 vs 1 was aired, with Solbi as one of the MCs and Andy as one of the guests. The actual recording again, might as well close to Andy’s Star Recipe recording. During the show, he was asked to choose one of the females and he chose Solbi, saying that Kim Tae Hee was his ideal girl. Likewise Solbi said hers was Joo Woo Sung.

27th April – Episode 7 of ‘We Got Married’ was aired.

30th April – According to glee22, Andy gave the ring to Solbi and the recording for episode 9 and 10 took place. I don’t really know about this one, so lets just stick to it. 😀 May I add the actual cheek kissing picture in the frame we saw in the picture posted today/yesterday was from this recording.

Andy Solbi

2nd May – Credit to glee22 again, this was when the news of Andy and Solbi being lovey dovey on radio show came out which was after the recording of episode 9 and 10 of ‘We Got Married’. Andy was being rushed to hospital due to stomach poison but still continued with his album promotion ‘Propose’.

4th May – During a radio show, the DJ asked him again if he would date Solbi. But he only said no comment and just laughed it off. Episode 8 of ‘We Got Married’ was aired.

6th May – Sang Sang Plus Season 2 show with Jun Jin and Dong Wan was aired, where Solbi said she would say yes if Andy initiates a relationship.

8/9th May – Recording of SBS Quiz! Sixth Sense Challenge where Andy sang ‘Propose’ to Solbi. In another radio interview said he would date Solbi if she posess qualities he like for a girl (assertive and work hard). And glee22 noted that he once say in the interview on 30th April that Solbi is assertive and hardworking. So, we can safely say that Solbi did possess the quality he searched for in a girl. 😀

10th May – Andy surprised Solbi by bringing her on stage during his ‘Propose’ performance in her 1st appearance as MC in MBC Music Core. I’m not very sure if this is a live recording, but let’s just assume that its live.  And lets assume again the footage will be shown again in one of ‘We Got Married’ episodes.

11th May – On Tablo radio show Andy said the percentage that he would date Solbi is 99%. They appeared in SBS Quiz! Sixth Sense challenge where Andy sang ‘Propose’ for Solbi and looked very comfortable around her. Episode 9 of ‘We Got Married’ was aired.

12/13th May – May I assume the recording of Episode 11 and 12 took place on these days? And there are possibilty of the pictures appearing today/yesterday in So Yu Jin’s homepage was taken. So, its a house-warming party!

Andy Solbi

13th May – Andy posted something on his webpage. Apparently he was worried and may I say a little bit down because of people’s comments on a ‘show’ he was on which I personally believe was ‘We Got Married’. KBS2 Sang Sang Plus Season 2 episode 6 was aired, with Tak Jae Hoon jokingly remarked that Solbi was entirely being used by Andy, when Solbi asked ‘what about he acted like he likes you on TV and doesn’t even asnwer your call off-screen.’ May I speculate Andy’s feeling a little bit hurt by the ‘joke’ as he watched the show?

15th May – The picture of their house-warming picture emerged on So Yu Jin’s cyworld. However, it was taken down on 16th May, maybe due to people spamming her cyworld? XD

Okay~ with that I rest my case. For a while. 🙂 Let’s see how things turned out.


5 Responses to “PART 1: Andy and Solbi Chronology in ‘We Got Married’”

  1. kimsb June 26, 2008 at 11:33 am #

    is the title of the song in the first video “love song”? same as the title of the show?

  2. sammy_xyooj September 29, 2008 at 6:22 pm #

    very good job with convicting your case. very proud..

  3. секс знакомства геев December 17, 2009 at 6:25 pm #

    в конце концов: бесподобно!!

  4. CM June 24, 2013 at 3:58 am #

    I know i’m late, but what episode was Andy in for 8 vs 1? I really want to find it!

  5. CM June 24, 2013 at 4:24 am #

    Oh, and also, the link for sixth sense, sang sang plus too! All these episodes with eng subs!! I want to find them sooooooooo badly!!!!!!!!!

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