Andy-Solbi Fans! Lets SQUEAL Together!

15 May

OMG. Haha~ I kept on smiling like an idiot when I’m supposed to be a little bit down about my previous exam paper! Its bloody hard. Anyway~ here is a treat for Andy-Solbi fans! They are affectionately called AnBi couple by cool peeps in Soompi, and I believe they are called AnSol couple in Korea.

Andy Solbi

I think this pics comes from future episodes of ‘We Got Married’. Notice Solbi’s adorable pink apron which we can see in previous episodes (Andy’s apron is blue in colour). Behind them there’s a picture of Andy kissing Solbi, which I believe should be in next episode of ‘We Got Married’ since they were wearing couple Ts they bought in episode 9.

I know the possibility they were kissing each other without being told is close to zero, but these pictures were just adorable. Apparently they were taken and posted in So Yu Jin’s homepage and Coffinhouse @ Soompi speculated that they might invited couple of friends over during the filming of that episode.

I was thinking of why are they having a cake with two candles on it… 100 days together maybe? LOLS. But according to Coolsmurf in his blog, So Yu Jin wrote a caption which said its their house warming party. 🙂 Very good couple indeed, to invite the parents first to the house before inviting friends over.

Why oh why, they looked like a real couple in my eyes…

Picture Credits: Reviewstar + Andy baidu bar + Coffinhouse @ Soompi


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