Andy’s take on being selected as ‘Most Prospective Husband’

16 May

FOUR Andy-Solbi posts in a row. Wah~ I must be really high on this couple today. XD Anyway~ here’s a better translation of So Yu Jin’s entry in her cyworld, by smr05 at Soompi thread. Many thanks.

‘결혼했어요’ 너무 사랑스러운 커플 앤디_솔비
Andy_Solbi, the ever so lovable couple from “We got Married”
집들이 놀러가서 찍어준 사진….
photo taken by me when i went over for their house warming
gahh… I’m embarrassed (or shy) ~~@.@
방송을 기대하세욧 ! ^^*
please look forward to the broadcast ! ^^*

And this was posted by kriza_09, again over the Soompi thread as I went for my daily dosage of discussion of Andy-Solbi couple. It was for an interview when Andy was selected as ‘the most prospective husband’.

There’s no difference between the real Andy and Andy in We Got Married. I’m just showing what I would do in my imagination if I were married.

If I get married, even though I’ll be blunt to my wife, I’ll do whatever she asks me to do. I’m not the type who leads.

Aren’t husbands like Alex a bit too unrealistic? Instead I have a lot of aegyo, aren’t I? (laughs)

When Solbi’s parents came, it was the first time I’ve ever sweated that much. The back of my T-shirt was even soak with sweat. If I meet my girlfriend’s parents for real? Just thinking about that even makes me nervous.

And here is a clip of Sang Sang Plus Season 2 episode 6 with Kim Sung Eun and Hyun Young as the guest. They talked more about other things, and only for a minute or two Andy came into the picture. It started at 8.19 mark, and the question by Sung Eun was what is the difference whether a guy is interested in her as a woman or just a colleague. The answer was given by Hyun Young, who was considered an ‘expert’ by now since she was dating Kim Jong Min, her former colleague.

Tak Jae Hoon’s remarks about Andy and Solbi was hillarious, ‘You are perfectly being used by him’ and came the subtitles beneath, ‘Anyways, Andy is here next week.’ I believe the recording will be sometime around this week, definitely after 13th May judging from Sung Eun’s remarks about being startled her name was up on the previous episode without even actually recording this episode yet.

Can’t wait for Andy’s episode!


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