Kim Yuna: How She Captivated the World

17 May

I watched this because I wanted to know more about Kim Yuna and the new ISU judging system. I didn’t expect myself to bawl my eyes out. *reach out for more tissues* I’m in such a mess. XD

Ah, so insporational. A 17 years old girl, probably even more matured than I am thinking-wise. She’s officially one of my role model now, even though she’s 5 years younger than I am.

This short documentary was produced by SBS, one of the television channel in South Korea, and it is normal if some of you – in the middle of watching this – got to a conclusion, ‘Ah, they were biased’ or ‘Someone else’s greater than her.’

And I am VERY aware of the comparison drawn between Mao Asada and Kim Yuna in the documentary. Its unavoidable, since they are the prominent faces in ladies figure skating scene at the moment. I do like Mao Asada, she’s a great skater with a pleasant personality. Since favouritism is not new in figure skating, my favourite is Kim Yuna.

Okay, enough of my rambling. Take some time to watch the clips, I’m sure it’s worth it. In various ways, directly or indirectly.







Special thanks to Thyrilliant for uploading this to Youtube!


One Response to “Kim Yuna: How She Captivated the World”

  1. Stardust June 18, 2008 at 5:50 am #

    Hello, I’m a great fan of Kim Yuna. I would like to watch the attached video but the downloading is really slow with lots of pauses. Do you think you can share the link with me so that I may watch it using other browser or whatever. Thank you very much!

    P.s. You have an interesting blog here.

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