Saori’s New Single: Saori Band

17 May

Okay~ here is…!

I was wondering what kind of songs Saori will be singing after leaving the highly popular show, ‘We Got Married. Well, wonder no longer! She released a single on 14th May 2008, entitled Happy Virus!

Doesn’t have a lot of time to check it out, but here is the cover and track list. According to the people posted in, the single is full of happy songs, upbeat, and kind of rock/electronic. Well… visit for the download!

Saori Band – Happy Virus

Track List:
01 응석쟁이 (Feat. 빽가)
02 하쿠나마타타
03 별의 꿈
04 삐삐삐
05 일어공부송
06 응석쟁이 (Inst.)
07 하쿠나마타타 (Inst.)

Here is xx_swit_c_xx review from!

She’s one of those “cute voice” high voices… not a great singer vocally.. but the songs are catchy and happy & cute…. similar voice in my opinion to Jadu?… yeah, similar to Jadu but she sounds more young.. pop-ish… with some rock/electronic feel to it… all the songs are upbeat and catchy though… they don’t make you depressed and they don’t make you wish you had a boyfriend =D haha… 

01 응석쟁이 (Feat. 빽가) – 8/10

02 하쿠나마타타 – 8.5/10 (puahaha… “hakuna matata” is the title^^ like Lion King)

03 별의 꿈 – 8/10 (“Wish Upon a Star”).. has a similar melody to another song.. sounds stolen

04 삐삐삐 – 7/10 (“Bbee Bbee BBee”)… eh, this one was a bit TOO childish & ‘cute’ like a elementary kid’s song….

05 일어공부송 – 8/10 (not very original… but still nice to listen to)


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