We Got Married Episode 10: Andy-Solbi & Preview

18 May

Episode 10 opened up with Solbi’s parents coming to their house for dinner. Andy was nervous, of course considering it’s technically the first time he ever had to ‘meet the parents’ (I do believe it’s his first time in real life too, having to meet the girl’s parents). Solbi’s dad is such a warm person, his ‘An-seobang, I missed you~’ and an affectionate pat on Andy’s back said it all. Even Solbi was embarrassed and shy looking at those two. During Solbi’s personal interview, she said it was funny but really fun even though they were not really married. If you watch Andy closely, he Andy was covering his face with his hands and said something like ‘I’m embarrassed…’ when Solbi nudged him with her wrist. And I think Andy was really thoughtful when he asked Solbi to greet (pay respect, XD I don’t know how to put it in words) her parents. Her mom was saying thank you, she must be touched as well.


Then came the dinner, Solbi’s mom even brought something to eat together. My stomach just rumbled seeing the foods! XD Solbi said, ‘Omma, today Andy oppa was the one who’s preparing the foods,’ and her mom asked, ‘Then what did you do?’ Hehe~ Andy was all over the house, he looked so nervous. During his personal interview, he said he felt the back of his t-shirt drenched in sweat. Credit to Hyung Don saying ‘Is he feeling unwell?’, bringing laughter to studio, and we can see Solbi defending him, saying its not that. They drank soju together, and Solbi’s mom saying the food was delicious before asking if the kimbap was good. Andy’s reply was cute, he was like, so eager to please her, his tone went up a notch as if in excitement. Highlight of the day, the dad asked, ‘Solbi, pretty?’ and Andy’s saying ‘Of course,’ with a shy smile.


Lee Hyuk Jae then comparing Andy-Solbi and Crown J-In Young, the Korean couple and the US couple. LOL At some point, Solbi asked if they like Andy (I think) and Andy was saying, ‘Seems like omonim like Alex the most.’ Hehehe~ Solbi even asked her dad if he watched the show and which couple did he like, he said ‘Andy and Solbi.’ But the way he said ‘Solbi’ was cute, I think he’s not used to call her that. (Note that her real name is Sun Mi) She asked her dad’s opinion, which couple they were, and he answered like Andy-Solbi but her mom butted in saying, ‘Not really,’ before saying, ‘More like Jang Hyung Don!’ bringing laughter to both Andy and Solbi as well as people in the studio. I’m touched when seeing how did Andy sat during the whole meal, doesn’t even move a lot even if the mom asked him to sit properly.Solbi’s parents asked about Andy’s mom’s health, and her mom brought something for Andy’s mom as well. During Andy personal interview, he said he was so thankful and touched, he even feels like crying at that moment.


After dinner, they both handed the present they bought before in the store for both of the mom and dad. I think for a split second Andy wanted to go and help Solbi’s dad opening the box but in the end he pushed Solbi forward, smiling shyly. fterwards, I was squealing in delight, seeing the four of them with couple shirts and pants. The first thing that came to my mind was ‘Such a beautiful family!’ Even Andy and Solbi were clapping their hands, smiling happily. (Seeing Solbi so close with her dad, makes me miss my dad terribly. I want to go home…)


And then, its picture time!!!! I thought Andy wasn’t that nervous anymore after having dinner with the parents, but seeing how clumsy his fingers were with the camera and the tripod, I think he was still so nervous. The first try wasn’t successful, I wonder why but so adorable… they look like a real family together! Andy and her mom looked so cute together, with the V pose. (Solbi in the studio was saying, ‘Wa, so embarrassed.’)


They took couple picture then, with Solbi asking her dad to kiss her mom, which surprisingly, he complied. I was smiling like crazy seeing that. Then it was Andy and Solbi’s turn, and the first picture they just posed together. And in the second picture, Solbi asked Andy to kiss her, and he did. OMG. So shy~ I was even surprised that Solbi’s parents were treating him like he is really their son-in-law already.


Solbi, feeling mischievous again asking Andy and her dad to dance the heart dance, but in the end, she was the one who’s dancing with Andy. During Andy personal interview, he said, ‘Feels like they are my real mom and dad,’ and he was so happy. Afterwards, Solbi parents left, and its so endearing to see them hugged (or semi-hugged) Andy affectionately, and he did hugged them back. Lee Hyuk Jae asked if they left in those clothes, and everyone was laughing because they did. 😀


I was surprised when Andy asked for a massage from Solbi, apparently she was too. LOL. He lie down on the sofa with Solbi began to massage his shoulders. I was laughing like crazy when she just sat on him while massaging, and apparently she’s not that heavy since Andy wasn’t even complaining. She told him he was a very good husband, and he asked how much. Her reply was cute, ‘so much, so much~’ and she said she loves him, and was curious if Andy even likes her. During his personal interview, Andy said he couldn’t bring himself to say anything. He was worrying about an event he was about to give her, thinking how can he surprise her.


Seems like they are eating a cake afterwards, (who brought the cake, I’m not sure) but Solbi then disappear for a while to take her present for Andy’s mom, giving it to him. He looked at the present, and all of sudden by his own will he just hugged her. I think she was a bit surprised as well. He asked her if he can read the card, and Solbi declined. Notice their hands, it was like the most natural thing on earth when Solbi hold his hand to stop him from reading, and while she wanted to read the card as well. But in the end he did read, and was laughing saying ‘really cute,’ when he read Solbi wrote, ‘Fighting…i-yo!’He even patted her shoulder lightly while saying something, with Solbi shyly smiling. During his personal interview, when he said his mom would like it, Solbi was covering her smile, and boy, they looked so cute together. Even in awkwardness. He said he was curious to see his mom reaction about the present.


Andy might not be as elaborate as Crown J when making an event, but he did try his best and that’s what made him so adorable. Solbi was smiling ear to ear, (lol) receiving a big bouquet of roses saying, ‘really beautiful.’ She even asked what the present was for, and he told her to search for something else from the bouquet. She saw the ring (the ring he bought when he was in China), asking ‘this ring is for me right?’ before saying, ‘Oppa, I’m really touched.’


He took the ring and put in on her finger, and you can obviously see how happy she was, and rather speechless as well, since the only thing she can manage was ‘thank you~’ She was studying the ring again, 🙂 and during her personal interview I believe she said it’s her first time receiving a ring. It was a total even for her, and when she saw the ring, she thought, so this is happiness. But she said, up to that moment, she doesn’t know his heart. She thought a lot what does the ring means, but she cannot came into a solid conclusion. Andy, in his personal interview, saying, ‘오빠의 마음이 조금씩 열리고 있다…’ which I thought it means ‘Oppa’s heart had opened a bit for you.’


With that, Andy and Solbi part finished. Wah, SO LONG! I just thought of something. If these two doesn’t ended up together in the end, I feel sorry for Solbi’s future husband. Andy had set such a high expectation, will ‘he’ succeed on impressing Solbi’s parents. Ah~ now I’m praying to God that these two ended up together. 🙂

Anyway, here’s a review of next week episode. Can’t wait!



6 Responses to “We Got Married Episode 10: Andy-Solbi & Preview”

  1. RoSa May 18, 2008 at 7:40 pm #

    Aigoo!! Thanks a lot for the summary!
    I love their cuts as always!
    They would always be our perfect couple!
    I think just like you, if they dont end up together (which They HAVE TOO) lOL…
    He has set really high expectations for other guys.
    Thanks for this!

  2. cimegs5088 May 18, 2008 at 8:21 pm #

    i kind of think that….wat andy did and the way he did it really defines how a person he is and explain why we all love him.

    If he’s doing special events like CJ, it would be kind of weird since it’s just not his way of expressing his gratitude.

    This episode is….all i can say…i mean…for some reason….i feel….that andy show the urge to get into relationship and have his own family due to the lack of family love since young.

    Every single expression of him throughout this episode and in front of solbi and her parents, he’s in deep thought of seriousness…and…beside he looks touched, he also looks like….wanna let somebody into his world to share his burden…i duno, that’s wat i read from his expression.

    mind me if im wrong, i watch the whole episode without sub, all im reading is the body language and expressions.

  3. Far May 18, 2008 at 8:32 pm #

    @cimegs5088 I do agree. His events was small, but sweet. Its his style. Thats what made it adorable, and touching. because we can see he’s really opening up for her.

  4. irees May 20, 2008 at 2:31 am #

    ohmygosh. thank you so much for summarizing this. so cute. ^.^

  5. jaime May 20, 2008 at 6:56 am #

    lol. thank you much.
    now i am just waiting for them to have an argument.. or like a fight.
    because making up will be soooo cutteee!^^


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