[Mini Album] Tae Yang – Hot

21 May

Released date: 22nd May 2008

As Big Bang’s main vocalist, Tae Yang has stood in the middle of the action since the beginning of the Big Bang explosion in 2006. Tae Yang’s main appeal lies in his soulful vocals which encompass many styles including R&B, soul, and hip-hop. Now ready to expel more heat than the blazing sun, Tae Yang releases his first solo mini album HOT containing six ear-popping tracks with delightful contributions from G-Dragon, Teddy of 1TYM, and Kush of Stony Skunk who previously wrote Gummy’s recent smash Mianheyo (“I’m Sorry”).

Composed by Teddy and Kush, the album’s principal track Na man bara bwa (“Only Look At Me” – Track 3) is peppered with highly sensual beats and speaks openly about the double standards for men and women when it comes to cheating. Using a vocoder, Tae Yang offers a twist in his vocals in Gi do (“A Prayer” – Track 2), the very song that competed for the principal track spot until the last minute. The song is another of Teddy and Kush’s creative collaborations and features Teddy’s catchy rap. Other tracks include Je In (“Sinner” – Track 4) which stands out with its pizzicato-style string arrangement and Make Love (Track 6) which features Kush’s rap and Gummy’s immaculate chorus. Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon also shows his hand of support for his longtime pal by writing the intro track Intro-HOT and penning the lyrics for Baby I’m Sorry (Track 5).


Here’s my review…

01 HOT – Intro

The intro sounded nice! Electronica/R&B is on his way!!!! Way to go~ G-Dragon, nice job!

02 기도 (Feat. Teddy) – A Prayer

Maybe because electronic is sweeping away K-pop scene right now (first Clazziquai, then Gummy, Jewelry, and the latest Kim Dong Wan), I actually like this track, A Prayer. its hip hoppish, but the vocoder lend something new to his voice. Although its kind of excessively used… but I found myself liking it. The chorus is definitely better than the title track. And Teddy sounded sexy!!!!

03 나만 바라봐 – Only Look At Me (Title Track)

The title track sounded okay, R&B style that suit Tae Yang’s soulful voice. But he sounded ‘safe’ throughout the track, just like his solo ‘Ma Girl’ before.

04 죄인 – Sinners

Nice R&B track. Powerful delivery, nice control of the voice. He sounded comfortable, and its a nice song to be played in a club. Bang your head guys!

05 Baby I’m Sorry

Out of the songs, I love this one the best. Tae Yang controlled his voice nice and smooth in this one. Maybe because its reminding me of Big Bang’s ‘A Fool’s Tears’. Well of course it has, it even had some excerpt from ‘A Fool’s Tears’. A continuation maybe? but Tae Yang sounded way better in this one than in ‘A Fool’s Tears’.

06 Make Love (Feat. Kush)

This track is also LOVE!!! Although I thought the song was distinctively similar to the fifth track, but it showcased Tae Yang’s voice more than the title track in comparison.

All and all, Tae Yang showed maturity in his new mini album. He sounded smooth as well, his control of the voice is definitely way better. To everyone who loves Tae Yang, please order a copy of this album to support him! Mine is on the way! 🙂


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