Get ready for Tae Yang and Wonder Girls!

23 May

Decided to combine the post, since I’m pretty much posting their MVs…

Two words for Wonder Girls new MV, SO HOT!

Sun Ye look pretty with short hair, seriously speaking. It’s refreshing! Sun Mi looked beautiful as usual. So Hee looked every bit like a movie star, and her ‘stumbling’ pose was hillarious! It worked well. Yoo Bin looked good. It felt like summer already. And Ye Eun is SMOKING HOT! She’s sexiest in this particular one. Shame that her singing lines wasn’t that much. And as for the sudden appearance of ‘someone’ at the back when she was dancing, a lot of people speculated that it was Hyun Ah. But zooming in a bit it seemed like their dance teacher.

Thanks to Coolsmurf @ Youtube!


And Tae Yang is back! With his members cameo appearance in this one! Nice~ and cute. I still remember the girl, she’s from the drama ‘I Really Really Like You’ as Eugene’s character’s sister, but unfortunately I don’t know her name. She’s very pretty, in my opinion!

The storyline is nice! Big Bang MVs never fail to amuse me, and Tae Yang’s MV is no exception. 🙂

Thanks to frostsg @ Youtube!


One Response to “Get ready for Tae Yang and Wonder Girls!”

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