We Got Married Episode 11: Andy-Solbi & Preview

25 May

Episode 11 opened up with a very sweet scene. Solbi looked especially lovely, and Andy just glowed. Solbi was holding her new phone, and Andy’s eyes were eyeing her left hand, asking why she didn’t wear his ring. He asked her if she sold the ring, (lol) and she told him she had kept the ring safely in a case. I really like the way he throw a fit as he asked for his ring.

Andy Solbi

Solbi kept changing the subject, seemed like she doesn’t want to pursue the issue any longer. During Andy’s personal interview, he said he was wondering why she wasn’t wearing it. I can see his dissappointment, but isn’t in love you have to push and pull. Solbi had done her fair share of ‘push’ now its time to do the pulling! Bravo Solbi!!! Bravo! But I am happy when Andy said, when he was ready to accept her heart and vice versa fo Solbi, she will wear it. (Of course she will Andy!) Solbi, on the other hand, admitted that the ring is too precious for her, and the reason she did not wear it, only she knew.

Andy Solbi

Note that Andy was listening quite intently to what she was saying, and stole a brief glance towards Solbi. I think he doesn’t know that he was caught on the camera! 😀 Cut to they were talking about what to cook for the housewarming party, with Solbi volunteering to cook, because she was thankful that Andy had cooked for her parents before. Andy asked her to fold the clothes, but in the end, its Andy who’s doing it! Haha~ I love the way he kept on calling her, Solbi, Solbi-ya~~~! They then talked about who were they going to invite over, with Solbi asking about Eric again. Can’t see Andy’s reaction as the camera wasn’t on him, but later on Solbi called Cha Tae Hyun.

Andy Solbi

Poor Andy, he doesn’t know, he kept on asking who is it. Al last Solbi told him, and Tae Hyun told him he was lagging behind in the show. LOL. Maybe he was referring to Andy’s affection towards Solbi, but who knows. Solbi then took the phone again, and Andy cutely trying to disturb their converstaion by singing the chorus of his song, ‘Propose’. Solbi, having not much choice resort to kicking him!

Andy Solbi

Andy asking her how can she kicked him, but then she blamed him back, because of making so much ‘noise’ when she was talking to Tae Hyun. They sat on the sofa together, and believe me they looked so much comfortable together. Andy then called someone, with Solbi kept on asking who was it. At the end, Andy passed the phone to her, and its his nan!!! 😀 Seemed like his nan loves her as well, according to Andy himself during his personal talk. Although Solbi’s first impression wasn’t as good, but she certainly win Andy’s elders (both his mom and nan) with her unique charm.

Andy Solbi

The door rang when Andy was on the phone, and Solbi hurriedly answered it herself. Talk about being considerate, and its possible that she already knew that someone is sending something she ordered. Solbi gave the small package, telling him to open it. Guess what, it’s their photos! According to Andy, he was really surprised, and surprised he is.

Andy Solbi

I love his surprised reaction, he smiled from ear to ear. He proceed to open the bigger package, and was laughing when he saw its the family photo. I give credit to Solbi as she chose to keep the kiss pic small and have the family photo in bigger frame. I think by now everyone knows that Andy come from a divorced family, and having such a family photo, although its only a make believe, might be meanigful to him. Solbi really is, a thoughtful person. Finally after all this, Solbi started to cook.

Andy Solbi

She’s making a kimchi jjigae (I really wanted to try making it), and telling Andy to go somewhere else so that she can cook. And here we get another butt patting! LOL Andy was restless, he kept on pestering her, and I thought he was being sweet as he sang the chorus verse from his song again.

Come to play, come to me
just come anytime you want
if it’s okay with you
then it’s okay with me…

Andy kept on coming and go, a little worried since Solbi’s cooking skill is very ‘limited’. 😀 But finally she did cook the meals and it was set up on the table in the living room. (I think its the same table used when Solbi parents came over) Done with cooking, Andy was on the phone again, with Solbi sorting out his hair. OMO so cute! Their body language were very natural now!

Andy Solbi

I really REALLY LOVE this part!!! Solbi was putting on some perfume, asking Andy to come over so that she can put it on him. He told her he doesn’t like perfume, running away but as always she catched him and put the perfume on his wrist and his neck, before leaning in to smell him. It happened so fast, but OMO! I think Andy himself was so surpised as well.

Andy Solbi

Andy Solbi

Andy’s reaction!!!!!!! Ahahahhaha~ he was shy! Omo omo… he was standing there, dazed, holding his cheek. A minute later he smiled shyly and people in the studio was wooing like crazy! LOL I am a girl, and I recognised this as ‘marking my territory’ act. (Maybe a lot of you doesn’t know about this but there’s a lot of ways for a girl to mark a man hers. For example, asking the man to hold her handbag, putting your hairband on his wrist, and many more) I guess Solbi ‘knew’ two attractive woman were coming over (So Yu Jin and Chae Yeon), so she’s marking him before he get stolen! HAHA~ Then Andy told her he really wanted to be like a kid at the moment (giddy with excitement, Andy?) and she was like ‘our child~’. What Andy did was so cute! Then they were in their bedroom, with Solbi asking him whether he was tired, saying his dark circles were showing. If you catch it, Andy was playfully hitting her when she said that.

Andy Solbi

Andy then give Solbi a massage, and they played around for a little while. On the bed. XD Quote of the episode, from our own shy Andy… ‘Who is it when we are playing around???’ OMG. I didn’t expect ‘that’ from Andy. Since my mind is not that pure anymore, I’m imagining things. Sorry~ They opened the door, and it turned out to be Don Don! LOLS. He wen straight for the sofa, lying down while telling Andy and Solbi to see his present. Like a pair of delighted child they went, and it was sweet of Don Don to bring such a gift. Solbi mentioned about Saori, XD too bad.

Andy Solbi

Don Don lied in front of the table, before getting absorbed on eating. XD He went to their bed and lie on it (OMO, such a taboo thing to do in a couple house, be it make believe or not!) Thank God because of Solbi’s ‘Saori unnie is really good’, he get off the bed. And the episode finished.

Well, although its kind of short, and I am a bit dissappointed that Solbi doesn’t wear the ring… So far its worth it. Because in my opinion, she was sending a signal to Andy to do his part, opening up to her a little more so that she can wear the ring proudly. 🙂 Their body language is already lovers language, but will their heart admit it? We will see…

Here’s next week episode. Seemed like only Chae Yeon and Kim Won Hee. But my eyes might as well be failing me.

See you next week, perhaps?


7 Responses to “We Got Married Episode 11: Andy-Solbi & Preview”

  1. Rosa May 25, 2008 at 9:25 pm #

    FAR!!! I LOVE YA!!!
    I couldnt stop saying “awwww” ” so cute!” I love this!!
    I love your summaries the most! Thanks for writing it. I was surprise when he called his grandmother. Of course I am glad his family and Shinhwa members approved of her and they can surely start dating now.
    I was surprised as well that she wasnt wearing his ring but… Now is time to just wait and see.
    Thanks once again!

  2. amie May 25, 2008 at 10:47 pm #

    thanks for the summary!! i’ve been watching this epi via net but i can’t understand what they’re talking about.. but it still makes me smiling all nyte.. especially about andy reaction towards solbi kiss.. so shy yet so cute!! part of me is glad that solbi didn’t wear the ring.. it’s too precious and when the time is right, she’ll wear it proudly since maybe she knows, if she keep wearing it now, she’ll get bash by the non supporters, saying she just wanna show off! overall, i’m so happy with this episode!! they always manage to make me smile!!

    AnBi Fighthing!!

  3. hannah May 26, 2008 at 7:42 am #

    thanks! i soo agree with you. ^^ im glad that Solbi is holding out on Andy with the ring. she can’t always give and just give. lol. yup. i know she will wear it when the time is right for her and him. =)

  4. donghae_is_love May 27, 2008 at 10:33 am #

    OMG!!!i love the SOLBI & ANDY couple so much…i think they’re the cutest…and i just hope they will be married for real the next time i hear about them…haha…*hides from those who don’t want them to be together*

  5. kristene May 27, 2008 at 1:21 pm #

    hi.,..FAR,,,i’m also a member at soompi..wow..i love your blog…hahahaha…
    i will check this for more andy and solbi moments..hahahaha…^^

    i really love this episode although it’s quite short!…still the couple was very sweet and very comfortable already.for each other…i’m really praying that they will end up together in real life!^^

  6. ddee June 20, 2008 at 8:00 am #

    I love this couple..:)

  7. kai November 10, 2008 at 10:02 pm #

    i love andy solbi so much i wish andy will love solbi

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