PART 2: Andy and Solbi Chronology in ‘We Got Married’

27 May

16th May – May I assume they record Sang Sang Plus with Andy? That will explain Solbi’s quietness and her efforts of distancing herself from Andy, if she received a lot of bad comments because of the picture emerged in So Yu Jin’s cyworld. However, this is purely my speculation

17th May  – KBS2 Star Golden Bell, Andy revealed he had a 90% intention to date Solbi! But… that’s after they knew each other well enough and after he completed most of his schedule, such as album promotion, musical, movie and dare I guess that inculde your 2 years in army as well, Andy? To be honest Solbi is busy as well. She is the MC of a lot of variety shows and she’s acting in a drama as well. Gif credit to chickenwing @ Soompi. Thats when the MC asked, ‘So you don’t love Solbi at all?’ and thats his reaction, going after the MC.

18th May – Episode 10 of ‘We Got Married’ to be shown, with Solbi’s parents. It was 100 minutes special. Andy’s ‘Meet the Parent’ was a success of course, I think her parents sort of like him. 🙂 Way to go Andy~ He gave Solbi the much awaited ring! Simple, but adorable event.

20th May – Andy appearance in Sang Sang Plus Season 2 was aired. I believe the recording should take place a little earlier than this date, shouldn’t it? Andy tried to shock her when she turned the wheel for balloon talk (she was only scared a slightest bit), and answered ‘Yes’ if  Solbi initiated a relationship with Andy. But he commented that he doesn’t know Solbi’s heart… I wonder what does that mean. And he picked her for his last balloon popping round, and he popped the balloon by himself. Solbi smiled, and came the subtitle beneath, ‘Why are you…?’ with small love. Kekeke~ 

Anyway, Solbi was quiet during balloon talk, she seemed uncomfortable, she got the least airtime compared to earlier episodes, and her ad-lips reduced significantly. It seemed like its Andy who talked a lot.I believe she was under scrunity of fans. Furthermore, a fan account during the recording, Solbi seemed to be so cold to Andy, and distanced. On-screen, they looked fine, who the hell know whats going on in her mind. With fans bad mouthing here and there, I will be in a bad mood as well. But during the ‘Children Story’ Game, she looked better, smiled a lot. And the highlight of the day, when people were fighting for basket from Andy, he put it in the middle to be ‘fair’ but in the end he kicked it towards Solbi. the subtitle beneath ‘Love Pass to Solbi’ 😀

24th May – Music Core with Andy co-MCed with Solbi! They both look so cute together!!! OMO OMO. Seemed like her hormones back in gear. Haha~ they look comfortable together on screen, but to be perfectly honest if Solbi was still troubled, she had to hide it and MC the show nonetheless. On screen, they were fine. Standing too close for comfort, actually. XD

25th May –  Episode 11 was aired. Solbi didn’t wear the ring. Hmmm… is something wrong? Some people said she lost it, but hell. Thats like only 1% probability. Its too precious to Solbi herself, why would her lost it? Seemed like Solbi’s hiding something~

26th May – News Solbi quitting her drama on MBC ‘Life Special Investigation Team’ due to hectic schedule. Some had mistakenly thought she’s quitting ‘We Got Married’ because of the title of the article! (Phew~) But the reason why her character in the drama exited was so cute! It was because she’s going to get married! Her name in the drama is Jeong Joo Ri, and on the invitation card, the name of her husband-to-be is none other than Andy!!!! Really a LOL moment.

Thats all up to now! Stay tune for the 3rd part!


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