Banning in Soompi’s Korean Celeb Photos Section!

25 Oct

I know I’m picking a rather sticky topic. Oh hell yeah, I might even offended someone in the process. I apologise, in advance.

Shall we start? First of all, I do agree to some extent with the decision. I do agree that the coupling threads kept on increasing in number, just like mushrooms after shower… and I do agree that there’s more and more ‘convo’ing in the thread once there’s nothing much to say, because you just want to interact with people you ‘knew’.

I did this before as well, although I perfectly know the PM function was there for convoing, but well, I posted it in the thread ’cause I wanted everyone to see. And maybe someone will comment on it. If you know what I mean.

Because I thought that’s what the forum’s for. Meeting new people. And talking about same thing we like and love, and of course, ‘fangirl’ing together. It’s something that is half-permanent compared to IRC or chatting using YM or MSN. (I said it’s half-permanent because once the forum crashed, there’s nothing left)

Now when I do appreciate facts like, slow server, database errors, etc. I can totally understand the decision.

But I’m just a human, and a mere human felt dissappointed when they see something  they had been attached to for a long time was closed. (in this case a thread that I love for such a long time) It wasn’t easy to get to ‘talk’ to the same people again, even though you opened a new forum, the feelings won’t be the same.

Maybe its my hormones gearing up against me now, I don’t know but this might be my real feelings regarding this matter.

I can understand, but still, I feel sorry. Thats all.

Feel free to argue with me, if you think otherwise.

p/s: Sleepy like a dog, so my sentences and words came out weird. XD


3 Responses to “Banning in Soompi’s Korean Celeb Photos Section!”

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