Another Performance (the last?) by H-Eugene and Ye Eun!

26 Oct

Kyaaaa~~~~ they were so cute!


They performed together for the third time (maybe the last? 😦 ) and they worked it well!!!! Ye Eun looked cute with casual Ts and blue-black skirt and two pigtails (ㄲㄲㄲ), and H-Eugene looking even better compared to his last outfit, where he donned a black suit this time!

They were in sych even better this time, kept on smiling thorughout the performance, but less eye contact. LOL. DID they read my blog? HOHOHO. (Complete nonsense. -_-;;)

The ending pose was so nice! Haha~ I love it! He even had his hand on Ye Eun’s shoulder. Dae Sung, are you watching? (HAHAHA~ evil laugh)


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