H-Eugene ft Ye Eun Cute Performance!

26 Oct

Yeay! I was entirely happy when Ye Eun’s and H-Eugene finally sorted out their schedule difference and decided to do three stages together for ‘Baby I Love You’ performance! 🙂 완잔 행복하다!

I really a fan of Wonder Girls, and Ye Eun was my favourite member. Just because. Even though I know H-Eugene long before (I mean I knew when he debuted) and although he’s quite a good rapper, he’s just not my cup of tea.

He really knew how to attract my attention when he get hold of Ye Eun to sing with him. Ha! Smart huh? (Am I that thick-skinned? I wonder…)

Anyway, here’s the first ever collabs with Ye Eun!

I mean it in a good way, that Ye Eun need to work a bit on her vocals and technique. She tend to get off pitch at such a crucial moment! LOL But overall, she did okay, maybe she’s a bit nervous because its her first time to perform this song with H-Eugene, and as Seo In Young the Beautiful ‘Witch’ (I really like her, I do. But the nickname suit her so much!) said, you get nervous more when you are performing at someone else’s. Her dress suit her so much. She looked cute!

The second collab yesterday (and her second… -_-;;) was even better. She controlled her vocals better, and she hit every note with perfection (or so it seemed to me). She looked more relaxed as well. More interactions with H-Eugene himself, and boy… they looked at each other directly in the eyes for so many times! (Am I being jealous here?) Her orange dress was so simple, it looked nice on her.

Even though I don’t really want this to end, I am anticipating the 3rd collaboration. With better look, better dress, and more enjoyable performance!


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