Another look at Kim Yuna’s Win at Skate America 2008

27 Oct

As promised, I hunted down the free skating video and what I found! A HQ video of her free program. 🙂 I’m so proud of myself.

Now, moving on to her free skating, and I should say she looked fabulous in red!

She skated to Scheherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov, a piece she chosen herself and cheorographed by David Wilson.

She opened the program with a triple flip-triple toe combination, brilliant hands movements done with a lovely flair. She missed her double loop (doing a single instead), the jump she had trouble over for quite sometime. She come back with a stronger triple lutz-double toe-double loop combination. She did a spin and landed her double axel-triple toe loop combination perfectly, before doing another triple lutz jump. I really love her spirals (and the love doubled because she smiled so cutely… 🙂 ) and of course, her beautifully executed camel spin variations. She then landed her last double axel before doing spin variations again (which takes a lot of energy, she improved a lot in terms of stamina this season) and the performance ended…

When she approached Brian Orser, all he said was ‘really great start’ with a genuine smile, and I laughed  alongside the commentator hearing that. LOL He sure knew how to fire up Yuna’s competitve streak.She scored 123.95 for this program, goes on to win with a whopping 193.45, 20 points ahead the silver medalist, Yukari Nanako.

Here’s again, the short program, and HQ videos really does Kim Yuna’s performance justice…! If you don’t believe me, watch this!

The commentator sure loves her! They gave her very good review, and I was laughing when they were in a state of disbelieve when Yuna missed her double axel (apparently it is the easiest jump in her program, and she couldn’t land properly, as opposed to harder jump combinations she performed earlier or later on). But they were right, this is just the start of 2008-2009 season, there’s more to come as she improves herself with help from her coach!

She did her old exhibition program, skating to Only Hope by Mandy Moore. She did an encore as well!!! Wheee~~~~ the audiences loves her! Well, at least, I LOVE her!

I’m anticipating her 2008 Cup of China in November. Are you?


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