Kim Yuna Won Her First Grand Prix Skate America!

27 Oct

As 2008 ISU Grand Prix America held in Everett, Washington, closed its curtain yesterday (26th October 2008), Kim Yuna made a mark again in the figure skating history. The championship marked the first event of the six ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating for 2008-2009 season. The top placed winners will gain points to qualify for the 2009 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final.

This is the first event for Yuna for this season, and the first time for her to compete in Skate America. She was back in action after a long summer break, after finishing third in 2008 World Figure Skating Championship. I was really proud of her as a fan during that event, because she fight her way back after finishing 5th in her short program. She really is a tough competitor, I absolutely respect her for that matter.

Anyway, back to Skate America. SBS interviewed Brian Orser about Kim Yuna, and here’s the interview. He talked about her skating, how she had improved, and what he thought of her. He said her technique are better, and he was also a fan of her skating. 🙂 What a supportive coach.

His last comment was really touching…

‘I think she’s the best skater in the world’

She skated her short program on 25th October 2008, at 7.08 p.m. (local time). A new program, with a new outfit (she reminds me of Odile from Swan Lake). She skated to the music by Saint-Saens, Dance Macabre, and should I say the program was beutifully cheorographed!

As usual, her hands movements were fantastic and she moved with a brilliant speed. Her expression was really good even at the start of the program, lovely footwork, great ice coverage. She landed her triple-flip triple toe combination nicely and done well in her next triple lutz too. Her spiral was as usual, beautifully done. But sadly she fell on her double axel, but didnt let her spirit down and come aaround with a brilliant Biellmann spin variation. She was dancing on the ice so gracefully before performing her last spin before ending the SP with a very interesting facial expression. LOL.

She scored 69.50, and she was even surprised with the score (judging from her expression at Kiss and Cry with Brian). She ranked first above Miki Ando, Yukari Nanako, and everyone else.

I can’t get a hold of her long program, will update once I found it! But she finished first as well for her free skating, with a score of 123.95, skated to Scherazade by Rimsky-Korsakov. She won the gold medal with the total score of 193.45 (her personal best was 196.83 at 2007 Grand Prix Final).

She is scheduled to compete in 2008 Cup of China on 6th to 9th November in Beijing! I really hope that she will make it to the final as the defending champion, and win! Mark your calendars guys! Here come, Kim Yuna!


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