Son Ho Young and Shin Ae, sweet love scandal~

29 Oct

I just posted about Alex and Shin Ae, now a scandal with who???

🙂 It was just a concept for the phtoshoot. I’m not very sure what it was for make-up or just a regular photoshoot, but seeing the pictures reminds me of someone…

Did I just heard someone said ALEXXXX???? Oh yeah~Just take a look at this clip. LOL! Many thanks to AlShinLove.

OMG. Alex was just, hahhaha.. 😀 He looked like a real ‘househusband’. I find it endearing when Shin Ae constantly looking embarrassed and checking Alex’s reaction (or so the editors of WGM made it seem). They were a sweet couple. Aigooo, date already!

By the way, although I’m not really digging Son Ho Young’s hair, he’s friggin’ hot himself. I wonder what happened to his allegedly ‘girlfriend’… Do anyone of you know?


One Response to “Son Ho Young and Shin Ae, sweet love scandal~”

  1. icepluscoffee November 18, 2008 at 10:24 am #

    the photoshoot for this was seen in WGM.. 😀
    lol. ALSHIN!!

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