PART 3: Andy and Solbi Chronology in ‘We Got Married’

30 Oct

27th May – Filming of We Got Married Episode 13 (and 14 I presume). Looked like Andy’s wish had come true. He wanted to go to amusement park with his significant others, holding hands and eating candy floss, and he went with Solbi now. 🙂 They looked so compatible together, and there’s LOTS of people watching them. I wonder if Solbi will distance herself from Andy again. Will she?

An article came out on, quoting Solbi’s confession about Andy in ET

N ‘Jo Hye Ryun, Kim Byung Man Talk Show’ that;

” Solbi complimented Andy about being a kind, sincere, and mature person who is perfect for marriage. Moreover, she said that after the filming for WGM is done, she feels a bit down when she and andy have to part their ways, and even feels so restless that sometimes she cannot sleep. However, for immediate times, she doesn’t have any desire to go out with him. She believes that as they bond more, personal feelings could interfere with professional business and recordings. “

Today was also the airing of Sang Sang Plus Episode 8 with cast of ‘You are My Destiny’. Here, a member of So Nyeo Shi Dae (SNSD) i.e. Yoon Ah admitted in front of Solbi that Andy was also her type (since Andy had said earlier before she’s his type when asked which member of SNSD he liked).

28th May – MBC Come to Play episode recording with all four couple from ‘We Got Married’ took place. The actual airing of the episode, I’m not very sure… XD

30th May – Airing of MBC ‘Introducing Star Friend’ with Jun Jin, Ahn Hye Kyung, Andy and Solbi.

1st May – Airing of episode 12 of We Got Married

Why did I even bother to post this? Truthfully, I’m not updating this chronology anymore. It had been in my draft folder for ages, I thought I’ll just post it.



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