The World They Live In… now starting!

31 Oct

I was doing nothing today, as I went down with cold (it was 1 degree celcius over here! Damn, its cold!). So as usual, the internet was my saviour…

I intended to leave this drama until they finished subbing it, but when I went to visit its thread in Soompi… I was like. Ditch it! I’m going to watch, because ENglish sub for episode 1 and 2 were completed! Hurray…!!! Many thanks for the subbers! 🙂

Starring Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo together for the first time, I think even though the chemistry wasn’t sizzling hot, at least it was there. And I think its going to be better as time goes. The most important part is they look good together!

Song Hye Kyo as Jun Joon Young         Hyun Bin as Song Ji Ho

The pilot episode was a nice one indeed, its interguing and interesting. Definitely catching my interest to watch to the end, and of course, anticipating for the next episode.

This episode mainly introducing the main character, and their struggle in producing good drama. Joon Young and Ji Ho once dated, but they broke up because he wanted to be with his first love.

Meanwhile Joon Young struggled with her current relationship and ended up breaking up for the 4th time because of the same problem.

My favourite scene of this episode were…

Ji Ho’s flashback when he drove Joon Young home, where she surprised him with an unexpected kiss at a bus stop. They were good friends though after the break up, and when Ji Ho agreed to let Joon Young to be his producer, they went to the set together on a bus. She gave him her muffler as a pillow, but he wanted her shoulder instead.

Episode 2 saw many of Daniel Choi. OMG. I didn’t recognise him at ALL! How can a hottie transformed into something like that???? HAHAHHA~~~ But he’s convincing though. And his smiles rocks.

Ji Ho and Joon Young proceed with work, while Joon Young was troubled over the ‘bitch’ scriptwriter (who, turned out to be an understanding person after all). The misunderstanding solved when they sit together and talk (with a row of yelling, of course)… see? Thats why communication is important.

Joon Young asked Ji Ho for his advice on the script she got, they were travelling together in his car when they both sang to a song (which I don’t know what). But they sounded so cute! Hehe~

Then, this time it was Ji Ho who had trouble with his relationship. His first love, who are already married to someone else, but they still dated. Finally she came to him and confessed, ‘I’m pregnant.’ They broke up, and (naturally) Ji Ho met up with Joon Young to talk over it. Even though he’s upset, he still joked around and hence, my favourite scene of episode 2… Ji Ho pinching Joon Young’s cheek.

Next episode!!! I am anticipating so much!!! LOLs… why? Because…..

This super cute ‘wrestling’ scene and…. the kissing scene!!!! XD OMO OMO *hyperventilating*

See you next time! and oh, thanks to Putrin and Baidu for the gifs. 🙂


One Response to “The World They Live In… now starting!”

  1. safiyyah November 1, 2008 at 1:35 am #

    hey there! i cant find the subs for this show. where did u find it? help me out? :p could u email me the links to get the subs?

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