We Got Married: Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo

31 Oct

As I left Andy & Solbi behind, they were the only reason why I still watch We Got Married. Ant Couple is great, but they became boring these days. Maybe because of the mission kept on being recycled… I don’t know…

But these 2 really interesting. 🙂 I will see if I’ll do a qucik and short pic summary of them… but as I was watching the Idol Show just now, I can’t help but to think of them.

This picture again? LOLS. But the see her caught off guard because of the Q made me goes ‘Awwwww~’ and 😀 at the same time.

And, another. When Nickhun said that he was okay with the 8 years gap, made me remembers the horoscope reading in 25th episode of We Got Married.

and in the next episode of Idol Show… here is! AGAIN??? XD This time with Taec Yeon….!

One Day (2AM & 2PM) really loves her! Hahah~ last time… with Seul Ong. 🙂

Hyun Joong-ah~~~ are you WATCHING??? *evil laugh*


2 Responses to “We Got Married: Hyun Joong & Hwang Bo”

  1. lyla_cin November 1, 2008 at 12:05 am #

    this is too cute. i saw that infinity epi and it was so funny, it literally had me roflmao! hwangbo unnie was so beautiful with her shorts and her and seul ong was wearing the same motiff. i so want HJ to see that, i wanna see how he’ll react.

  2. hazel November 1, 2008 at 3:44 pm #

    sooooooooooooooo cute! our HwangBo is really loved by all the hotties bc she’s so fun to be with! a lot of cuties have always gone/picked hwang bo in couple selections on XMAN! i wish all those vids were still up on youtube

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