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병원에 가다 by Kang Min Kyung of Davichi

30 Nov

This digital was released in October, and I only get the previlage to actually listen to the songs included today. This project included Kang Min Kyung of Davichi, Kim Jung Eun of Jewelry and Garcia of Brown Eyed Girls.

They recorded the same song, but each gave out different feelings. I loves Min Kyung’s version better, just because I am a sucker for sad love songs. Her voice was heartwrenching.

This clip was recorded in a recording studio, and even though its not exactly the CD version, it gave out the same feelings.

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Mao Asada retained her NHK Trophy title

29 Nov

Mao Asada captured her first gold in the Grand Prix circuit by winning the NHK Trophy, in front of her delighted fans. She won by a margin of more than 23 points over the silver medalist, Akiko Suzuki and Yukari Nakano, who took home the bronze medal.

Mao Asada of Japan competes in the women's free skating at the NHK Trophy Figure Skating in Tokyo, Saturday, Nov. 29. 2008. Asada won the gold medal i

Mao Adasa performing a spiral sequence during her long program

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Mao Asada and Nobunari Oda had a good start at NHK Trophy 2008

28 Nov

Mao Asada took the lead in NHK Trophy after finishing 1st after the short program held in Tokyo, Japan followed by her challenger Ashley Wagner of USA and Laura Lepisto of Finland.

Mao Asada of Japan competes in the ladies short program at the NHK Trophy Figure Skating in Tokyo, Japan, Friday, Nov. 28, 2008.(AP Photo/Itsuo Inouye

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Joubert and Kostner snatched gold in 2008 Cup of Russia

23 Nov

Carolina Kostner of Italy and Brian Joubert of France skated away from Russia with gold medal on their hands and a ticket to ISU Grand Prix Final.

Carolina Kostner of Italy in Cup of Russia

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Bi (Rain) Promoting ‘Only You’

22 Nov

I had never really do fangirling here, considering that I am an avid fan of him. To be honest, I am experiencing, lets say… withdrawal? Maybe because he’s away from Korea a lot, and its kind of hard to ‘track him down’.

Anyway, I’m glad he’s back in Korea. I found this cute, so I thought I’ll just post this here.

The writing on the paper says ‘Bi is not that good’, but it was only a joke. Written by his dancers. LOL They were really good friends. 🙂

Crown J and Seo In Young Recent Collaboration

22 Nov

At Green Concert. *squeal* I love the Cinderella performance, even though it was lip-synch. And Too Much was live, baby, LIVE! 😀

The natural skinship… I began to wonder again if they are really that comfortable with each other. *rolled eyes* The ending small hug was LOVE.

2PM in Marie Claire

20 Nov

I’m addicted to Marie Claire now. Pardon for posting the pictures back to back.

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