The World They Live In : 그들이 사는 세상 : Worlds Within

1 Nov

The reason why I put all the name up there? Well… Worlds Within is the official English working title for this drama given by KBS2, while The World They Live In was the unofficial one. The Korean title is pronounced ‘Geu-deul-i Sa-neun Se-sang’.

Okay… one of my lovely visitor asked me where to watch it with English sub. To clear up misunderstanding, this drama is currently subbed by WithS2, and from what I read from their website, nobody is allowed to upload their sub (as in hardsub it and upload to Youtube, Veoh, Dailymotion etc). And I think most of us know why, we HAVE to protect them so that they can continue to provide us the subs for the drama series without risking to be sued or something like that. (God forbid, touch wood. XD)

But, there is a website where you can watch it online, with sub! YEAHHHHH~ introducinggggg….. Viikii!

I’m waiting patiently for the OST. I hope it will come out soon… 🙂 According to putriN @ Soompi, it will come out on 4th of November, which is 3 days from now!

Here’s the tracklist… thanks to putriN again!


Worlds Within – O.S.T.
Various Artists | SonyBMG

Release Date: 2008-11-04

1. 처음부터 너야 (Cheo-eum-boo-teo Neo-ya : It was you all along)
2. 연연 (Yeon-yeon… wasn’t sure about this. it it was in-yeon then it means fate/karma)
3. 눈물아 슬픔아 (noon-mool-ah seul-peum-ah : sad tears)
4. 술래잡기 (sool-lea-jab-gi : wasn’t sure as well, but in Yesasia it says Hide and Seek)
5. Lalala…Love song
6. 사랑일까요 (Sa-rang-il-kka-yo : Will there be a love?)
7. Opening…Ready action (Instrument)
8. Love theme (Instrument)
9. 준영 theme (Instrument) (Joon Young theme)
10. 처음부터 너야(MR)
11. 연연(MR)


The World That They Live In OST (KBS TV Drama)
Korean TV Series Soundtrack
Expected release date: November 7, 2008. Preorder Now! {YesAsia gets theirs several days after the official release date}…-0-en/info.html



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