The Cinderella: Seo In Young

2 Nov

I am always a fan of her. She sing really good live. I found myself liking her live version more than the studio version…

Oh well… everyone has their own preferences. Anyway. Found something interesting here! Singing live at 2008 Style Icon Award!

She sang ‘Like A Virgin’ (and give her a break, her pronunciation wasn’t THAT perfect. At least she managed to sing most of the lyrics okay…) and of course, CINDERELLA…!

The only disturning thing about the performance was… the male dancer (or should I say stripper? ‘Cause they were stripping. XD)

I spotted Hwang Bo at 0.23-0.26 mark (who’s waving at Seo In Young at when she made her entrance) and Jin Bora at the same table. Kim Hee Ae and Son Ye Jin too (if I’m not mistaken) at 2.11-2.13, the Fashionita Jung Ryeo Won glimpse at 0.34 and again at 1.24-1.25. I wonder why she didn’t sit with Hwang Bo, after all they were once together in Chakra. Maybe its the host who separates them. Ryeo Won looked lonely though (just because I can’t see anyone at her table XD)

Who else? Hmmmm… Sean and Jung Hye Young at 2.56-2.58 and of course BI !!!! HAHAHA~ that cutie. 🙂 At 4.17-4.21, whispering to someone and smiling.

So Bi and Jang Mi Hee snatched away the ‘Icon of the Year’ award, while the other winners were as follow.

Actor- Lee Jung Jae
Actress – Son Yeh Jin
TV star – Kim Hee Ae
Model – Jang Yoon Joo
Male singer – Big Bang
Female singer – Seo In Young
Fashionista – Jung Ryeo Won

They also gave a special award for late Eon… Eon, you’ll be forever remembered…

If you want to see the photo, click HERE!


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