Scandal: Eun Cho Ding and Ye Eun?

5 Nov

OMO… my title again. XD

I was watching ‘Come to Play’ featuring Kim Jong Kook (welcome back!) and Wonder Girls, and they were talking about how Yoo Bin’s mum loves Kim Jong Kook.

The subject extended, and they asked Ji Won (whom I called Eun Cho Ding, which is his nickname from KBS 1 Night 2 Days Sunday Variety) who does he likes amongst the Wonder Girls member. He answered, Ye Eun…

When asked why, he said she sing well and dance well… before MC Yoo Jae Suk added, ‘Pretty face too…’

Ye Eun when asked who does she liked most, she answered Yoo Jae Suk, but because he is married, date-wise she choosed Ji Won.

But the funny thing is, Ji Won die-hard fan from Wonder Girls is Yoo Bin! LOL And they were saying something about So Hee and Ji Won’s ‘Bang Gu’ (which I wonder what was it…). Apparently both of these people loves it so much. So Hee even changed Tae Yang’s ‘Only Look at Me’ lyrics to suit that ‘Bang Gu’… XD

WonderBang in action? 😀 They seemed to like the song…

This episode seemed funny, and I hope WonderSubbers will sub it.


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