Wonder Girls’s “Wonder Bakery” : Episode 1

5 Nov

This looks very promising! 🙂 I watched the pilot episode without sub, and even without one, the girls cute actions made up for it! LOLS.

In the show, they paired up with a  pâtisier to form a team and each week they will be given mission each episode to be completed. There will be judgement on the dessert/pastry they made and one pâtisier will be eliminated after each episode.

Another pâtisier will then replaced the eliminated chef and the competition will continue up to 8 different missions. The best pâtisier at the end of these missions will get 10,000,000 won.

The first episode saw the girls choosing their partner, before going to Lotte World to complete some kind of mission…

Yoo Bin get to pair up with Lee Kang Won, who was younger than her while Ye Eun got to partner with a pâtisier who was 6 years senior, Ryu Shi Hyung.

The funny thing was, So Hee was feeling awkward with her partner. 😀 Sun Ye and Ye Eun on the other hand, adjusted well, especially Ye Eun. She and her partner were kind of cute together, maybe because they were quite comfortable in each other company. The highlight of these two was when they realised they were at Lotte, and they looked so happy!

Yoo Bin and Sun Mi’s day at Lotte wasn’t shown yet, maybe in the next episode. WonderSubbers are subbing these, so don’t forget to thank them! 🙂


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