Dispute over Kim Yuna short program score in 2008 ISU Grand Prix Cup of China

6 Nov

I think this is very unnecessary. Because athletes and judges are humans, and they do mistakes. And so did Kim Yuna. She might be the Ice Queen, but she is still, a human.

It was true that Yuna had been consistent with her jumps, slightly inside edge for flip and outside edge for lutz. Her jumps was dubbed as the ‘textbook’ by her coach, Brian Orser.

However, there are possibilities that she had difficulties with her jumps after the hip injury just before the 4CC event back in February 2008. After all, to jump properly, the hip does a lot of work in order to get the desirable height.

In ISU Grand Prix Cup of China, she did a mistake in her triple lutz, her second jump in the short program. She two-footed (landed with both of her blades on the ice) and underrotated (rotated two times instead of three times) the jump. Quoted from an article from ISU homepage,

“Performing to “Danse Macabre” by Camille Saint-Saens, Kim hit an excellent triple flip-triple toeloop combination, a double Axel and showed exquisite spins two of which were graded a level four. However, the 18-year-old two-footed and underrotated the triple Lutz. The two-time World bronze medalist picked up 63.64 points (34.48 element score/29.16 program component score). “I was more nervous than at Skate America and I made an error on my triple Lutz”, Kim admitted. “I’m still in first place and I want to give my best in the free skating.”

But I don’t know if she got penalize for wrong edge take off. If so, which jump? Because she did a triple flip-triple toeloop combination and it doesn’t seem that she did some mistake on that according to the article I read at ISU.

Her lutz was penalized for two-footed and underrotation, but not for wrong edge (according to ISU as well). She executed her double axel well because the entry wasn’t even hard for her (compared to when she performed El Tango de Roxane in 2006-2007 season, entry from ina bauer).

So we’ll have to wait until the Judge scores to be uploaded to see whether she did a wronge edge entry or not.

Another fact that I noticed, she lacked energy and spirit compared to when she skated in Everett. She was too nervous. Maybe because there’s a lot of people watching from Korea. Beijing is not that far from Korea compared to Everett.

And if she qualified (keep the fingers crossed!) for Grand Prix Final, I think the pressure will doubled or tripled, because it will be held in Seoul! XD As much as she’s thrilled to perform in front of Koreans (I think), she must be very nervous and under pressure too!

Jahye in Soompi talked about how Korean medias were expecting her to pass the 200 mark. In my humble opinion, it is possible in a way, but will be extremely difficult to achieve. Mao Asada set the world record for highest combination total of 199.52 only 0.48 away from 200 mark, and she achieved this feat at 2006 NHK Trophy.

On the other hand, if we took both of Yuna’s personal best according to ISU Judging system, it summed up to a total of 205.65. But note that this is at seperate events, 71.95 for short program at 2007 Worlds and 133.70 for free skating at 2007 Cup of Russia.

I do believe that Kim Yuna at her absolute best can pass the 200 mark, but to say that she will achieve this at the start of the season was too much to ask. Especially when we don’t really know if her hips worked as well as before the injury. And don’t forget about her disc problem in early 2007, herniation is not very good for an athlete, especially in lumbar region. Symptoms can affect the lower back, buttocks, thigh and may radiate into the foot and toe. (Human body is a very complex system, underestimating it could be very disastrous)

I just hope that she can try her best in this competition safely (as in, please no more fatal injuries) and achieve what she wanted to achieve.

Best of luck my Queen!

Anyway, here’s Miki Ando and Kim Yuna short program together.


One Response to “Dispute over Kim Yuna short program score in 2008 ISU Grand Prix Cup of China”

  1. uh... November 7, 2008 at 2:14 am #

    uh… if JUDGES makes mistake..whats the point in HAVING competition to start with. ? especially when u cant even depend on judges to make right decisions in a international event? you do know about the past history between the figure skating judges and their favoritism?? you cant just come out and write stuff like this from things u hear around the net honey especially if u dont know anything about figure skating. ISU and OSER coach are both going to have formal talks with the representatives. n hope you’ll try to think again before making oinions without right knowledge about figure skating protocols.

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