Dispute over Kim Yuna 2008 Cup of China score: Part II

7 Nov

Well, first of all thanks to… uh… (?) for his/her comment in my previous entry, Dispute over Kim Yuna short program score in 2008 ISU Grand Prix Cup of China.

First, I admitted that I did not have a copy of the judge score sheet when I wrote that post. And I did not watch the ladies single event live, as I was busy going on with my life.

Second, I do appreciate the fact that judges have problems back then, with favouritsm. And I know thats why they introduced the ‘New Judging’ system, which further solidify my point, because judges make mistakes, they tried to improve it.

And I truly appreciate that, however, the ‘New Judging’ system did not eliminate the favouritsm to none.

But just because judges make mistakes, it doesn’t mean that you cannot have a competition. Its a human norm to be biased, and there’s no such things like perfect judges.

But when judges make apparent mistakes, that’s where the coaches and other authorities come along. To correct them. And in this event, when the judges are really wrong, then they should be told that they were wrong.

Which was what uh… (?) were saying, ISU and Orser meeting up with the representative to talk about their misjudgement. So that next time, other set of judges or the same set of judges should not be committing the same sin again.

Third. I’ve done my fair share of researching about figure skating, and I am still learning. I might be a bit naive to believe whats been officially stated in the International Skating Union (ISU) press release. But that was because I thought they were the most reliable source that I can look upon, compared to some nameless/biased people in Youtube or somewhere in the internet.

But that was my mistake too, because I only wrote down my opinion on this matter solely referencing to one ‘reliable’ source, and took others as unreliable. Which was, very unwise of me.

Fourth. I am a biomechanist. When I talk about injuries and stuff, I know what I am talking about.

Fifth, when I was writing my previous post, I was being positive, stating my opinion while firmly believing that the ISU article was right i.e. Yuna did a mistake on her triple lutz and she got penalized for it. And I did not go around searching for the good clip of her short program, except one in the Youtube with such a low quality where I couldn’t even see her blades clearly.

It is my selfishness when I did not care what happened to other skaters, whether they jumped and landed their flip/lutz/toe-loop well and do the spins alright.

Sixth, I am happy that ISU (?) and Orser are going to go and have a talk with the representative (?). Only I knew that the referee, technical controller, specialist and data controller were all from the ISU. Maybe you mean, talk with the judges representative?

And lastly, from now on, because of my apparent limited knowledge of figure skating, I will not share my opinion again about the technical elements, the protocols, the judging system, or the score. I better keep my keyboard sealed and only talk about how happy I am when Kim Yuna won her events.

I am sorry if I mislead anyone. Thanks for visiting my blog, and have a nice day ahead.


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