We Got Married 33: Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo

10 Nov

Episode 33 opened up, and it was still about the blind date! XD The ‘young masters’ sure is hillarious. Kyu is so shy…~ I think I’m in love with Baby now. He’s just entertaining. LOL

I was literally laughing my throat off when Hyun Joong answered the PD question whether he and members talked about Wonder Girls amongst themselves. His answer,

I don’t really… but Kyu and Baby do and I think they are too happy that Wonder Girls showed up. They totally lucked out…”

The 20 seconds introduction…

Ye Eun’s sudden ‘hyung boo (brother-in-law)!’ cracked me up, and when he introduced himself as Hwang buin’s husband, I was like… ‘aaawwwww~’ His unnecessary ramblings about the house and having a hard time made Hwang Bo laughing like mad, (me too!) and his 15% discount for couple performance was totally hillarious!

Eun and Bin were rather quiet, (they were quite awkward, but Eun was eating and eating! LOLs…) meanwhile Kyu and Baby seemed a bit lost (I believe they were feeling awkward as well). Occasionally Baby asked questions, but Eun and Bin only answered with one syllable, making the conversation almost impossible. XD

Hwang Bo get to the rescue! Together with her co-MC, Hyun Joong they made Eun and Baby looked at each other for 3 seconds, the same goes to Bin and Kyu. Afterwards, Ye Eun spoke about their encounter with Hyun Joong, but Hwang Bo bombarded her with questions instead.

Where? When ? Was there alcohol involved?

Hwang Bo, again making these four uncomfortable by asking them to point the person they were interested in. She was literally having fun, and I really like the way Hyun Joong teased her and looked at her. With a very soft look. They demonstrate the fork pointing by pointing to each other, and what Baby said was totally true!

“They are showing off!”

The result!!! Both Eun and Bin pointed at Kyu, but Kyu pointed at Bin and Baby pointed at Eun. I really LOVE the way Hwang Bo and Hyun Joong getting all close just to whisper to each other! OMG. Hyun Joong with his arms all over his buin’s shoulder!

Then they went into their room, trying to plan things that the four people outside to do. Finally, they decided to have a duet karaoke challenge! (They are all singers. XD Shouldn’t be a problem…)

Hyun Joong sang ‘Thank You’ with Hwang Bo dancing her techtonik move… LOL the funny thing is, shillang tried to match up his buin dance with the song. He even sang the song in trot way. Haha~

Bin and Kyu were next, and the highlight? Kyu gestured at Bin when the lyrics goes,

“your fiery eyes…”

Baby and Eun sang together, and because they’ve got the same mark, they had a ‘Nobody’ dance competition! Ssang Chu couple joined as well!!!! OMG totally cute and hillarious!

Then Bin and Kyu danced, with Bin pointing at Kyu when the lyrics goes “but you!” Hyun Joong’s comment was totally funny,

The girl pointed to the guy first!

that made Bin laughed so hard and unable to dance.

In the black room, Ye Eun commented about Baby. (I wish them ended up together now. LOLS) Then the dancing finished, shillang talked to the boys and buin talked to the girls. I still can’t let go what Baby said to Hyun Joong at that moment, and Joong’s response…

Baby: …. you’ve changed like this since you got married.

HJ: What do you mean? Things are going great for me.

Eun was saying that she would give up Kyu to Bin because she’s younger… and this is the first time (I think) I thought Ye Eun was flustered. I think she might really be Kyu’s fan. XD (Eun-ah~ look at Baby, he’s very nice lad as well…!)

With that… ends episode 33! Episode 34 will deal with this blind date again. I totally understand because the PD might want to stretch their episodes so that the recordings will be enough until the end of the year. (Yes, if you guys are wondering, JoongBo is leaving. Or should I say, they already left?)

I don’t know what kind of games they were playing next, but sure looks fun! And all and all… the skinship and eye contacts between the host (JoongBo) was already so natural that I can’t help but squeal~~!

Can’t wait for the whole episode to be subbed! Can you? 🙂

Translation credit to knossos! And naomz at Soompi for posting it!


7 Responses to “We Got Married 33: Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo”

  1. nyssnisacha November 10, 2008 at 1:55 pm #

    hahaha..finally i found a blog doing a review on Joongbo couple + Wonder501 this episode..i even try to googled it but with no luck till i found this page…i must say, thank you for doing the review!!!now i know i’m not the only one excited about the ep…but i must agree with you that yeeun kinda look flustered at the end..i really really hope she will choose hyung joon later on..and hopefully, yoobin will not give up on kyu jong just because ye eun likes him..she had to know that kyu likes her even before they met..gah, the PD is totally milking the show..i cant wait for the next ep..btw, tanx again for the review…

  2. mileskyu November 11, 2008 at 12:33 pm #

    I totally laughed my lungs out when I watched this yesterday!!! ahahahahahha….
    I really love them…and yeah…I hope Ye eun will like baby(?) ahahahha..
    I love kyu joong and yoobin…ahahhaha…

    and the nobody dance competition was sooo hilarious!!! the lettuce couple’s competitive streak…ahahaa…but I must admit, that they really did a good job in dancing..
    also, I love how joongbo became natural in everything (such as skinship?)-coz they’re busy teasing the young ones…ahahahah

    can’t wait for the next ep… ^_^

  3. iblessbothofyoumrkimandmrskim.. November 12, 2008 at 6:58 am #

    actually how many days a week that they met together during the shoot? and why the 32 and 33 are all in one night? isn’t an episode mean one week?

  4. Far November 12, 2008 at 9:34 am #

    To be frank, Ep 31, 32,33, and 34 is actually filmed on the same day. They went to Everland first, then went back home, held the blind date, and then do their personal interview before ending the day. Usually they will record in the studio later in the same week. But maybe because they’re so many cute things happening, they extended it up to 4 long episode? XD

  5. nyssnisacha November 14, 2008 at 1:00 am #

    omg, does that mean YeBin + Kyujong & baby only had 1 more episode together?? i am starting to get used to them around…lolz…ah, i’m really diggin the KyuBin couple..hehehe XD

  6. syuhey November 14, 2008 at 3:58 pm #

    (Yes, if you guys are wondering, JoongBo is leaving. Or should I say, they already left?)
    what do you mean???joongbo is leaving from this show?i can’t believe..luv to see them together…

  7. Therese Jane July 18, 2009 at 8:57 am #

    I know your blogpost is hella old, but do you happen to know where I can find 32 – 34 subbed? I am dying to actually watch these episodes versus reading their summaries. D:

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