SBS of South Korea: The End of Profesionalism?

13 Nov

I am completely baffled when I saw this at Coolsmurf blog! Went to visit Soompi as I always done, and there’s already a thread for it.

Cutting one’s performance without any prior notice is really something rude, and not issueing a well-deserved apology was another.

Even if the incident was a technical problem, it is a common courtesy to apologise. But they just didn’t.

This happened to Bi (Rain) during his performance at SBS’s own event. They invited him, and he agreed to appear. And they should have at least respected the less than four minutes airtime he was entitled to, because they gave him the previlage in the first place.

I do appreciate that his performance was the last one for the night, but cutting it so suddenly was just, plain rude.

I hope SBS will issue a formal apology, because Rain deserved one. If he was given a prior notice that his performance will be cut short, SBS wasn’t at fault.

But upon seeing Rain and his dancers reaction, I don’t think this was planned. Technical problem or not, SBS, it is a common courtesy to apologies.


One Response to “SBS of South Korea: The End of Profesionalism?”

  1. triplegreen08 November 15, 2008 at 12:59 am #

    you are damn rite, they should do something about their rude and disgusted action, whether its a techincal problem or not, cause thats jus excuses!!!!!!!!!!


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