2008 Trophee Eric Bompard: Full of Surprises

16 Nov

Today Patrick Chan of Canada took a lead in Trophee Eric Bompard with a narrow 238.09 points over the silver medalist Takahiko Kozuka, whose score was 230.78 in total. Alban Preaubert from France snatched the bronze medal with 222.44 points.

Patrick Chan took home the second gold medal from Grand Prix series, after winning the 2008 Skate Canada 2 weeks earlier. What was more surprising was Brian joubert, the winner of Grand Prix Final 2006/2007 Season sudden loss to his fellow countryman, Alban Preaubert. With their respective wins, Patrick Chan and Takahiko Kozuka were eligible for 2008/2009 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final.

From left: Patrick Chan (CAN), Takahiko Kozuka (JPN) and Brian Jourbert (FRA)

Even more surprising result was Mao Asada’s. She is back with a new coach, new brilliant programs (should be expected since it was cheorographed by Tatiana Tarasova and Shanetta Folle) andnew revised jumps.

She did had problem executing her jumps in her short program, her triple flip-triple loop combination, with dowgraded the later jump into a single loop. Still shocked by the mistake, she also doubled the Lutz.

She had a rough time because of her wrong edge take-off for lutz and flip jump last season, and she worked very hard to fix them. All I can predict was, mentally, she was not ready for the jumps and she must had been self-conscious about it. Old habit dies hard, and I applauded her for trying her best. This is only the start of the season for her, and she still has time to improve.

Joannie Rochette, on the other hand had a winning streak by snatching the gold medal in Paris, a week after her win at Skate Canada.

Joannie Rochette of Canada performs her Ladies Free Skating during the Eric Bompard Trophy Figure Skating Grand Prix at Bercy arena in Paris, SaturdayMao Asada of Japan performs her Ladies Free Skating during the Eric Bompard Trophy Figure Skating Grand Prix at Bercy arena in Paris, Saturday, Nov.15

From left: Joannie Rochette (CAN) and Mao Asada (JPN)

She scored a total of 180.73, 13 points more than Asada’s 167.59, the silver medalist. The bronze medal was snatched by Caroline Zhang, and boy, how she had grown up into a fine young lady.

When this event closes its curtain tomorrow, Joannie Rochette skated her way into the 2008/2009 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Final in Goyang, South Korea from 10th to 14th December, joining Kim Yuna, who had reserved a spot after winning both Skate America and Cup of China.

The next event for the Grand Prix will be the Cup of Russia on 20th to 23rd November and NHK Trophy on 27th to 30th November.

I am looking foward to see both events. Are you?


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