We Got Married 34: Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo

17 Nov

The episode opened up with the young masters and Wonder Girls blind date! They cut the game btw. XD They played the last game with a toy (which I don’t know what it is called) and whoever made the top part flew into the air had to answer a question from the person to his/her right. If he/she doesn’t want to answer, they will have to drink a cup of soda.

The highlight of the game was when Hwang Bo lose, and Hyun Joong asked,

Hwang Buin had gone out with five people in the past?

and her answer,

No, only two people.

His quick reply,

Very good news, thank you. 😀

When Kyu asked Hwang Bo does the one he picked chose him too, Hwang Bo decided to drink. And when she told everyone she didn’t drink soda usually, Hyun Joong offered to drink for her. Without any hesitation!

By the end of the blind date, they did the ‘picking’ again, and this time, the couples matched! Ye Eun & Baby and Yoo Bin & Kyu~ 

Baby’s last word in the black room was really unforgettable,

Good job, Ye Eun-shi! It’s really you~

The guests left afterwards, and I was laughing like crazy when Hyun Joong copied Hyun Joong’s ‘Awww~ aww~ awooo~’ with an exaggerated manner. XD Lucky my housemates were away to London… if they are here they may think I am crazy.

They slept in the house, with Hyun Joong inside the room and Hwang Bo on the sofa. Talk about reversed role! LOL Morning came (I don’t know if they were filming back to back or not), and the highlight? Hyun Joong was calling his Buin for quite a few times!

Finally Buin came, and she brought Jins (her cute dog) with her. The mission card was empty, so they wrote something on it. Since Hwang Bo had a performance for the army in Busan, he tagged along. Taking care of her dog, and as her manager, for the day.

They did a voice warming up session, and without doubt, Hyun Joong is hillarious! XD Even Hwang Bo cannot control her laughter seeing him singing ‘Bo Go Shin Da’ comically, in a very high tone. But what he said in the black room, really… left me speechless.

I really wish she won’t dress like that. Everything about Hwang buin is good but her clothing. I hope she wears decent clothing without holes. When I watch her other programs, except for WGM her clothes are even worse! With baring her top and you can see her inner wear (he doesn’t mean undergarments, just t-shirts/inner wear like thermals, I think. Correct me if I’m wrong), I wanted to break the tv. Since she got married I hope she behave more modestly.

Is it just me, or is it true that he’s behaving more and more like a real husband? XD Anyway, he then proceed into persuading Hwang Bo to write his name on stage with a dance routine, using her bottom. OMG. LOL moment again! She agreed only if he did as well, in the middle of Busan.

He taught her how to do the gestures… and I almost die laughing. XD

Next they were picking up clothes to be worn, and again, he was being difficult. On what to wear. He ‘disqualified’ a lot of Hwang Bo’s one piece dresses because they were too short. Haha~ in the end he just give up because he doesn’t like any of the clothes. Even with the long dress, he was saying the upper part was too revealing. LOL. Quote of the day (when asked about her dresses/clothes in the black room),

If the bottom is long, the top is short and if the top is long, then the bottom is short. I thought they were t-shirts but she said they were all short dresses. She owns a lot of strange clothes.

They practised singing together, with Hyun Joong behaving like a strict manager. LOL Hwang Bo was just doing the gestures, even though they were really hillarious. Because she wanted to keep the promise… doesn’t want to dissappoint him even if it is really a small thing.

So in the end, will she keep her promise? Check this clip out, and you’ll find out. 🙂

They were cheering for her, chanting Hwang Buin! She kept on smiling and having a little private laugh~ she seemed so shy… Having a hard time controlling her expression. LOL

many thanks to Knossos for the translation~


One Response to “We Got Married 34: Hyun Joong and Hwang Bo”

  1. milky November 24, 2008 at 3:41 pm #

    when i first watch we got married,i liked alex and sinae,but later on they are boring to watch like the others couple…..but the most i liked and loved to watch is hwangbo ang hyunjoong,no sad moments to this couple and they are really good as a partner,their age gap is not a problem to them they know how to respect with each other,they are fun while watching them…hwangbo is so beautiful,simple but elegant while hyunjoong is also good…..i want to collect their albums they are both good singers but how can i buy it cause im here in the philippines…..i want to be updated always whats going on to both of them,thats why im just browsing in internet always see to it what the latest story to both of them,i wish that somebody could give me their address or their home studio address so that i could send letters to them…..i keep telling to my friends to watch them in internet,and when they saw it they all talking hwangbo and hyunjoong always…LOL……Aja,aja,aja,hwangbo ang hyunjoong,we liked you both….

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