Wonder Girls at MKMF 2008

17 Nov

It was the first time ever, in my life, to have watched a Korean music award LIVE, with a bunch of fun people… 🙂 Thank you… everyone who were with me at Spectacle! shoutbox, it was a rather delightful experience. And very hectic too! LOLS.

I was high for entirely a day, purposely avoided this blog so that I don’t just pour everything out. XD Anyway~ here’s some pictures of the girls during the ceremony, and boy, how lovely they are! Just a few… because my imageshack wasn’t really friendly at the moment.

Red Carpet

Tango Dance, 2PM Break Dance and Nobody Disco Version

The performance was GREAT! Absolutely fantastic. Nobody becomes totally a new song. Must I say, Ye Eun did great giving the song new flavour. Korean Beyonce in production? The girls did very good with the dancing. *thumbs up* (Pardon the long picture, I capped it using Image Grabber because I was too lazy. XD)

They won the ‘Best Female Group’ award, as well as ‘Best Music Video’. But the most important award they won on the night, which was also…

The most memorable moment for the night, receiving Song of the Year award

DBSK is applauding them… Yunho was looking at Ye Eun direction. I wonder what did he saw… hehe~ Must be her shocked/disbelieve face. Seemed like Sun Ye was talking to Jae Joong with Chang Min looking on.

Closing Ceremony

(find this one adorable~ GD was smiling at the girls as if he wanted to be there celebrating as well. Big Bang and Wonder Girls are good friends.)

Taking care of each other, seemed like Ye Eun and Sun Mi couldn’t stop crying.


One Response to “Wonder Girls at MKMF 2008”

  1. fel November 17, 2008 at 6:54 am #

    thanks for sharing. i’m glad they won! 🙂

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